Best Website to check interest rates

Best Website to check interest rates

Hello all. I am extremely new to this and I'm stuck on my first part, researching interest rates. What would be the best website for this?

When i go to, they list a bunch of different interest rates (commercial paper, cd's etc.) so i assume i am looking for Mortgage or am i wrong in saying this?

Please help.



Interest Rate Site

A site that I have used in the past is:


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I also have used

you can search on google....a bunch come ....ect....


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About Rates

I just went to the site and it pulled up the interest rates for each state. I actually surprised to find that they could vary significantly. Now, the question I have:

If I live in Montana, get my loan in Monata, and buy a house in Georgia, would they charge me the Montana rate? My guess is yes, but I wanted to get verification on that before I make a pretty big mistake.



I dont think they vary that

I dont think they vary that much. Here are 2 things to look at:

1) Some programs simply DONT exist in some states. Go back to that site and look at conforming 15 year FRM. All right around 5 or 5.125%.

2) I did note that PA is 4.75%. So then take a look at the number of points. Average in PA is 1.25. The other states are around .86. More points = lower rate.

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