A little about ClaytonS

Clayton S. Marks is a former Army Sergeant and Afghanistan war veteran. He's also a single father.

Raised the fifth child of eight in the Ravine Park Village projects on the east side of Toledo, Ohio Clayton always had a way of making something out of nothing or very little. From the frozen Kool-Aid cups he sold in the neighborhood where he grew up to the home made promotion board study guides he sold in the Army Clayton has always been up to something.

Clayton joined the Army less than two weeks after graduating from high school because he wanted to serve his country and get a little money for college. He served the majority of his eight years in the military overseas in Europe and the Middle East.

Clayton is now a full time student at the University of Toledo and is living at home in order to help his aging mother. He got involved in real estate because of his desire for his mother to live out her days in a house that's hers. Seeing as both he and his mother have lived in small apartments all their lives.