My husband and I have been traveling the globe for the past several years courtesy of Uncle Sam (military). We bought a house in every state we lived in while in the USAF but sold them for a profit when we were transfered. We still have one rental that's going strong and our current home. Looking back, I wish we had kept them all. However, we may not be as far as we are in this down market if we had held!
I have 4 boys, 5 if want to include my husband! I am planning on getting them into the REI business so they can learn at an early age how to obtain and maintain wealth. I wanted to be an REI for as long as I can remember. I believe I read my first book at the age of 17 and soon after joined the Air Force for a number of reasons. I left the military to become a teacher but my husband stayed in for 20. We are now trying to invest as much time and energy into getting our LLC off the ground and running strong. I'm already rich, have 4 great boys and a wonderful family, now I want to be wealthy!