Scam or Not?

Scam or Not?

I keep reading that people were scamed out of their can anyone tell me how this book is? Is there enough information in the book to actually make money? Has anyone bought the book? because I'd figure I purchase the book from Barnes and Nobles instead of the infomercial and just take it from there.........


Not a Scam

I have the book. I learned a lot and it really gives you confidence to go out and do it. Read it, read others too if you want to go more in depth on a very specific subject. Dean does offer other products and I think at least a few can be extremely helpful if you are going to take this seriously and get out there and do it.

The Automated Foreclosure Finder is a good toolkit to get homeowners that are in trouble and facing foreclosure coming to you for help. The 4closure alert system allows you to find people going in foreclosure so you look to them to make a deal.

The people who claim it is a scam are probably people who bought the book and all the supplemental tools expecting their bank account to start growing without opening the cover or getting off the couch and making it happen. Read at least some of the book first, see if you think you can at least give it the college try, and if not then forget about it, not everyone is cut out for it or everyone would be getting rich on real estate. But if so, then start putting the information to work, invest in some resources, Dean's or otherwise, to make finding and completing deals quicker.

The tools and information don't make the deals happen for you. You use them to make the process easier and hopefully a edge, but the bottom line is you have to put in the time and effort and take it seriously, like anything else you want to succeed in.

Basically I think the only people claiming Dean is a scam are people who thought they were getting a product that would give them instant money with zero work. They are also the same people who probably wonder why a medical degree you can order online won't land them a job as a surgeon. That or they are competitors trying bad mouth him. There was a post about this somewhere else here.

i think right now is a

i think right now is a confusing time with the economic problems like inflation or recession.other than that i think its a good book, i got mine from ebay