Business Cards

Business Cards

An often asked question is what to put on a business card. Let me touch upon this here.

Business cards are mini advertisements about what you do and should not be about who you are.

Many times people think it very important to put some kind of calling behind their name such as investor, CEO, participating partner and so on. This truly is not important to people looking at your card.

People who look at you card want to know a couple of things:

1) What do you do?
2) How do they get a hold of you?

That's about it.

In big letters that take up most of the card you can put "I buy houses". In similarly big letters you can put "888-123-4567".

After that anything else can go on the card like your name, business name, time you can call, your amazing name you call yourself, or whatever else.

What ever you do keep in mind the most important parts of a business card and you will end up with a good card.


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I agree with the....

whole title thing...

Mine says:

Hazco Investments LLC
Real Estate investing - from partnerships to hard loans ....(under the heading in italic)

name email
city state number


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mine says

We Buy Houses


Ask for Anita or Mattie
for FREE 24hr Msg call 800-xxx-xxxx


TWITTER - anitarny / FACEBOOK - anitarny


A few things I learned...

When it comes to a card, pick ones that are out of the ordinary. Loud colors, something people will remember, one that stands out from the rest work best. Put your name, We Buy Houses, for CASH! Phone number, fax number, email & website if you have one. That's it. Keep it simple. No title, nothing other than the purpose of the card and your contact information.


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