Talk to the Neighbors

Talk to the Neighbors

A little used way of finding more properties is to talk to the neighbors.

When you travel to a property that you plan to view or scout out. Stop. Get out and talk to the neighbors. An idea to add to this would be to go 10 houses in each direction of the property you are looking at.

Knock on the door of the neighbors and let them know that you might be interested in purchasing the house you were there to look at. Let them also know that you invest in real estate and ask them if they know of anyone that needs to get out of their house. Hand the neighbor your card and move on.

People always seem to know others that need to sell their houses. You can create great leads doing this.


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Talking to neighbors is my specialty

This is funny because before I even came across this thread I was considering doing this. I am having a hard time locating phone numbers for a few of the owners of some houses I have been researching. I was going to visit the properties on Monday and begin to socialize with the neighbors regarding the properties. They may know the owner and have his # or like you said they may know of some other people that want to sell.

This is a great advertising method. The old saying in marketing is that each person tells at least 9 people about something they have heard or experienced. So you can guarantee that for every person that you talk to at least 9 others will find out that you buy houses. Who knows who will contact you from this grapevine.


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It's true!

When I moved into my house I made friends with one of my neighbors and she gave me the low down on EVERYONE on the cul-de-sac! I was amazed at how much she knew about everyone! Yes, talk to the neighbors, chances are there's a Mrs. Kravitz in every neighborhood! Eye-wink


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