*NEW* Alabama Opportunites

Hi guys

I think I posted this earlier in the wrong place so here it is. I have a new listing of properties located in Mobile, AL for under 50K. If you would like it please send me an email anitarny@****.

Also please post if you have something yourselves or are looking for something.



I am willing to work with anyone interested in properties in mississippi....I have great access to several properties in pearl river and picayune mississippi. I am a katrina servior......I have excellent connections with realtors and contractors, and plenty of time to devote to any win win situation.
This is my first post here........and I am hoping that this post is within the guide lines....Also, I understand the whole sale concept, and also assigning contracts these are the 2 topics that I am most interested in . Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.