I am enthusiastic about the Realestate market and anxious to get things started. Anyways, I hope to have a testimonial on behalf of Mr Grazaiosi's teachings and willing to meet any challenge set before me.
I was born on 6DEC68 and raised in Virginia. My goal is to provide for my parents in their waning years and enjoy their life while they are still living.
Went thru various jobs and got my Bachelor's in Art in which I plan to use when I have more time if not pursue my Master's in the future. Served in the military (NAVY) since July 2000. Went overseas and traveled the world like I wished before getting too old and grey, myself: ie, Japan, Guam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Phillipines, and Iraq (9/11).
Definitely, happy to return home and everybody that I met, friends and strangers alike, all wished me a happy/glad return home. They have thanked me for going to Iraq but felt indifferent because of the war and everything, that's natural.
I can't thank people and let alone you, Mr Graziosi enough for me being that much more grateful of the time and place that I am in right now. You just don't know how grateful each day that I am back home in the states.
It's a time for renewal, change from the norm and put the past behind me and look forward to things that I neglected and not go in reverse, hopefully.
Now, it's a stressful time that much more because I'm leaving the active duty military and going into the reserves. Finding a job, a well paying one is kind of difficult so I am forcing myself to be open to new possibilities of trying to make a fortune like you have done, Mr Graziosi in the realm of realestate. I have even initiated some classes in Teach Me to Trade to learn about financial management through the stock market.
Just like to hear from you or your coaches and reps that can guide me thru your techniques in relestate and prosper and help others in return.