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We started blogs for all Inner Circle members so they can start sharing their write ups, thoughts, ideas or just think out loud, and we will all get the benefit of absorbing that info. Eye-wink

If you're wondering how to get to the Inner Circle, it isn't hard. Just participate both on the site and working your deals in real life and you'll be tapped for the position in no time.

Once you hit 500 points we start looking at you very closely. Smiling

As always, thanks!

Submitting an offer

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Hi all! Im very new here and loving every minute. As dean said numerous times "you must take action" in order to be successful. Well Im doing just that and I have a property that is ideal for purchase (me as the buyer) Here is my problem: I need to write up an offer, I have the details needed, cost, repairs, commissions ect, and Im confused now, I think all the numbers are making my brain ache so I would really like some guidance when writing my offer to them I dont know what to write or how to write it (properly) Im a talker if you didnt notice already and have a hard time shutting my mouth when needed So any help I could get on writing up my first offer to buy with no money would be so appreciated.
Again I am one of those with poor credit and no money but I am in a perfect position to buy this place, very very motivated sellers help me please Shocked)

Submitting an offer

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Plus I think Im just scared a little bit too. FYI I have seen in Deans book the numerous examples which i can use but I want to be sure Im offering correctly, Oh God Im getting overwhelmed. Im gonna take a break for a few hours Smiling

Hi Beth!

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Welcome to the DG family! The contract usually has the names of the seller an buyer (your full name and/or assigns) the purchase offer price and any additional conditions, if applicable. The repair cost isn't on the contract, it's usually negotiated verbally. I'm not sure what commissions you're including, gonna have to elaborate on that one. Basically write up the offer and explain it to the seller, it's that simple... Hope that helps! Keep us posted on your progress.
God bless,
Elena ;D

Subbing an offer

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Wow thanks that was quick! Comission on this prop would go to only the sellers agent, she could act as my agent too as the buyer and she will have a larger comission....right? So you know, I have never done anything like this before and I think my fear is getting in the way a bit. Basically what I think I need is some kind of an example to look at so I can build my own from that. Again I've seen the examples in deans book which are VERY VERY helpful, was wondering where I could look at one online so I can get ideas, does this make sense? Or am I being overly cautious here? Smiling Plus I am looking for seller financ. How do I word this correctly, perfectly? LOL Im a perfectionist too!

Congratulations, SandyCheeks.

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We're glad to have you here! To get some help from everyone on the site you should go to this link and start a new topic about your deal.
You'll get lots of participation, info, and encouragement!

Nice to meet you.Smiling



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I know Anita has an actual contract from one of her deals on her posts somewhere. I'll try to find the link to it.
Fear, is normal for your first deal. I've done four deals in my life and I was nervous on ALL of them... LOL! So don't worry, even if you make a mistake it's ok, I made plenty!!
Ok, so you're dealing with a realtor or the owner? I'm not clear on everything here. Can you clarify for me? Thanks!

Beth Thats Meeeeeee!

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Let me get more of my details together and i can clarify for you. I have like 15 sheets of paper, tons of notes and I need to organize a bit first. Smiling

you guys are so wonderful!

Glad to see

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Glad to see I'm not the only nervous nelly here... LOL! I'm sure there are a lot of folks that have to work through that too.

Still gathering and reading

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Ive decided I need to read more first and educate a bit more, check out the links etc, I am still a bit overwhelmed but keeping cool by taking one step at a time. Re-reading seems to the key to alot! So I will keep reading for a bit more.

Thanks everyone.

Lots to learn

I have been reading how to do RE deals since the middle 80s and I still have a lot to learn about RE. I have just started birddoging and I find it is kind of fun to get in contact with people that have the same goal as yourself. I have found several people here on this site that are willing to work with me but I still have some problems getting them to answer sometimes. I keep plugging away. I guess persistence is the best thing a person can have as well as NO FEAR! Keeping plugging away everyone.

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