Finished and more motivated than ever!

Finished and more motivated than ever!

Well, I just finished the above book and loved it!! I have read numerous books about REI, and I have taken something from every one. I have to say, though, that Dean Graziosi has been not only the most helpful with useful knowledge, but he has been the most motivational as well. Paralysis due to analysis has been my problem, and I can't count how many times Mr. Graziosi mentioned that the most important thing to do is actually start!! It finally struck a chord with me. I am starting right now and my short term goal is to close 5 deals by the end of the calendar year. My mid term goal is to have a net worth of $150,000 by the time I am 32 (I am nearly 30 now) and my long term goal is to be a millionaire by 35. I know that I can do this and more with Dean's direction and advice.
Never did I read a book that mentioned anything about market research and real estate cycles and knowing what kind of strategy to use. Dean is spot on with his strategies and when to use creative financing and when to use conventional. He definitely enstilled much confindence in me; someone who does not have a lot (financially) to begin with. I have all the drive in the world though to succeed.
Thank you Dean!
Nick Walters
New York, NY


Nick Walters
Walters Property Investment Group, LLC

Dean's book

is by far the best real estate investing book that i've ever read. I've bought and read a lot of other real estate books and been through a lot of real estate seminars, but none of them comes close to the valuable information that contains in Dean's book. It was my curiousity that i bought the book, and it was by far the best investment i've ever made, beside owning some real estates. It's my road map to successs and becoming the next real estate millionire. I take the book with me everywhere i go. I take it to work, at a friend's house, church, and everywhere i go. I use it for reference when i need to clarify something in terms of real estate and it's pretty much my guideline to success. Your right on the money Nickwalters13 and welcome to Dean's big family.


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