Believing in myself and working toward my REALITY

I think this blog thing is a good addition to the site. So I want to post a few thoughts that I dont think belong in my journal.

Well I realized a long time ago that if I could not believe in myself then I would never succeed in my endeavours and I could never really help others success in thiers. So via the school of hard knock I have ended u here. On Dean Graziosi's website with a head full of great real estate knowledge and a new found inspiration and abilty to believe in myself even more than I alrweady did.

I have said it over and over about how this program and his book has changed my life buy guys this past few weeks/days, I have grown an even more profond respect for all that I have larned here. I have seen the false prophet in the form of the real estate agent and the property manager, I have seen the traitor in the form of family and friends and I have seen the leader - in the form of myself.

Today like no other, I can honestly say, I am a true REI and I now knw that my dreams are not just dreams but a reality that I am living, NOT will live, BUT AM LIVING...RIGHT NOW!

You all have read my post on the 4 Stages To Becoming Real Estate Millioniare and I want you to know that I am now living by that. I am following those steps and I am making it happen. I am legal and technology embodied by nature and by trade but now I have found a way to turn all that I am, and all that I know into a profitable arm to help me reach my REI dreams/reality. Yes I said reality, because ass of 8pm this evening they are my REALITY.

Well enough of me for one night, I am crawling back to my corner. I have been out of pocket he past eek and will probably be so for he next few weeks, bu please know I am reading everything and when I can, I will pop in and give you all a hard time.

I know this is a lot to ask but would you all please keep me in your prayers, at this present time I need all the prayer I can get and I am not ashamed to ask for it either. You are my DG family.


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I will hold you up in my prayers every morning when I wake and each evening before I slumber. You are an inspiration and a blessing to everyone here. We are here for you in spirit, we hold you up in faith, and we stand in agreement with you.
In His precious name, Amen.


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I have been, and will continue to, hold you up in prayer. You really are an inspiration to everyone here. You are a complex person, with struggles like all of us, fierce and independant, yet vulnerable underneath. I think that describes all of us girls. I hope there's nothing that tears a rift in our friendship; Uncertainty, the lack of being able to bond in person, competition. I count it an honor to have found the friends I have here (with all of our faults), and I want to keep you for life.