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i'm an @ home mom living in hudson valley,ny. i have 2 professional interests... health & fitness and real estate. i love to read and love to learn. i enjoy my spiritual practices and am very close to my creators. i love being good to people so the work i intend to do while on earth must have a sense of service to others. i'm new to participating in a forum and although i don't know anyone, i feel cared for and so very connected simply based on the posts that i have read. it's amazingly powerful.

getting the money is the ez part

i was reading one of dean's posts. in it he said that getting the money was the ez part. he had been talking about doing a dry run which i've taken baby steps toward while i wait for the millionaire book. by baby steps i mean looking through the paper for ads, fsbos, investors and legal notices. anyway, can anyone out there talk about the ez ways to getting the money...the ez part. i've been feeling like that's the hard part.

cindy lu

Hi Cindy!

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Welcome to the DG family, we're so happy to have you here. What Dean teaches is to use other people's money. You build a list of buyers that you can flip a house to. You can lock up a house with $10, then find an end buyer, add another $2,000 - $10,000 depending on the numbers and the margin you have to re-sell it and walk away with that amount just for re-assigning it. Or you could do it for a finder's fee of whatever the buyer is willing to pay on a promisary note. I prefer the assignment because I like being in charge of what I make. Or you could use a private money lender, or equity as leverage. These are all strategies that Dean teaches that make buying a house possible with NO money out of your pocket.
I hope this helps you understand, once you get his book it will be clearer. In the meantime there are many other books you can pick up at the library that are great reads while you're waiting. Think and grow rich is an awesome book.
Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with, we're here to help you succeed!
God bless,
Elena Laughing out loud

hi elena, thank u. what is

hi elena,

thank u. what is the least expensive way to build a list of buyers?
i'm pretty sure i have think and grow rich @ home. in the last month or so the following has happened, there was a fire in my home so i'm living in a hotel room while our home is restored. my friend of many years committed suicide leaving her 2 children...heartbreaking. 3 days ago i injured my back.i'm not down about any of it, i share this because i have found solace in the forum and a focal point. deans infomercial stirred up my dream of becoming an rei. in the meantime u all are an oasis.

deeply grateul,
cindy lu

hi elena

i had a realtor email me some lakefront fixer uppers. i have a cousin looking for a fixer upper in my area, she lives in nyc and loves it up here. i'm like, ok there is a possible deal in this somehow. any suggestions?

HI Cynthia,

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First let me say I'm so sorry to hear about the fire and especially about your dear friend, my gosh you've been through quite a bit these past few months. Well, I've been through some pretty rough patches myself so I can surely sympathize with you girl. I injured my back in '98 so that's certainly no picnic in itself, I'm tellin' ya. But just take it easy and give it a chance to heal, that's about all you can do. Take this opportunity to seek God in your affliction, this is all happening for a reason. I would suggest looking for motivated sellers, houses in distressed. Get the word out to everyone you know that you're a REI and that you can help people with their house problems. Call the we buy houses guys in your area see what they're looking for, what area is hot, can they do a deal today if you brought them one? Take the time now to do all your homework so when you get the book it'll all fall into place. Mainly, stay focused on that dream no matter what comes against you, for you will only achieve it if you don't faint.
God Bless you,
Elena Laughing out loud

thank u elena, i will do

thank u elena,
i will do what u suggest. thanks for being a life line. @ the end of the day all we have left is us with our god center and what we did for someone else.
god bless u too

Thank you Cindy

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I appreciate the blessing! Keep me posted on your REI journey. We're here for you!

good morning elena

thanx agagin. speak soon.

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