Everyday, whether I post or not, I read the post in the forums and I think....there are so many NEW people joining us everyday but do they realize the REAL opportunity that is knocking.

Its not everyday that you get to join a community like DG.com or much of anywhere else for that matter, and be able to talk with, get advice and learn from hundreds of others - ALL pursuing the same dream. Financial independence, security, log-term cash flow and peace of mind.

This is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly. I answer a lot of questions, as do others on here. We see the same questions being asked over and over again, but the one that particularly caught my attention this week was one where someone asked...if the book was so EZ to read and understand, then why all the questions. Well my answer to that is simple, Deans book is simple and EZ to understand but not everyone has the same knowledge of REI. So we all learn at a different pace. Ergo the questions. Patience is a big part of learning.

I guess what I am saying is that, there are a lot of real estate sites out there and a lot of real estate everything, but have yet to find a community so open and informative as the one we have here. This "IS" Opportunity knocking, are you listening?

Take advantage of the forums and become more active. Ask questions, look for answers, the only dumb question is the ones that are not asked.

Use this site o your full advantage and gain the most from it. You have taken the first step in making your REI dreams come true by reading Deans book and joining this site, now use what you have been so given on here and use it to your advantage. READ, READ, READ....don't assume anything, ASK!.....Get to know others in and around your area on here. Make solid contacts in REI that will last you a lifetime.

I have made not only contacts but friends on here, namely RINA. We talk almost everyday and still fine time to correspond on here and we still learn something NEW everyday, if not from each other then from all of the others on here. Learning is a process and so is REI. Its a process that if done correctly with reap benefits for years to come.

Opportunities come in many different shapes and in many different ways. Don't think that just because there are so many questions being asked on here that this is not for you. That simply means that there are others out there trying to do the same thing as you and you should look on that as the not just having the Power of One (you) but having the Power of Many (everyone on dg.com). Support and encouragement can make or break a person and their dreams. I come here for both and it flows like that water form the rivers.

Embrace this wonderful opportunity, take advantage of what you have at your hands and realize that the only drams never fulfilled are those never pursued.

I agree wholeheartedly!

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I honestly learn something new on here EVERY day. Everything from what's happening in different parts of the country and what strategies are working where to how to fill out a document or research a property, and just as important how to form relationships with different types of people in your REI dealings.
And, like Anita said, there has been the unexpected, added benefit of making lifetime friends (wouldn't trade you for the world, Nita Smiling ) who have a passion for REI and actually LOVE to discuss it, unlike most of the people in our everyday lives.
Take advantage, take part. If what you need to know isn't already here, ask a question, pull it out of somebody. lol
And, for goodness sake, those of you with answers, don't be afraid to share.


P.S. Thanks again to Dean for creating this site! deangraziosi.com

Wonderful Post

Thank You Anita, for such an interesting story and bio. What an inspiring (and brilliant) woman you are. Your past accomplishments will definitely help you achieve success. Great attitude. I just signed on today and am very impressed with all Dean has created. (and God has blessed) I look forward to reading more of your insightful and inspiring posts.


Kingston, NY

this site

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anita you are so right.I have not done any deals yet but I do view property and talk to owners.And I have been trying to get to know ppl in my area that are active investors.while doing this I came upon a local chapter of rei out of houston.and the local have a site,and they charge plenty for the forms and doc`s that dean have on here for free.we are talking 100`s for lease/options,rentals,assigns forms.and their site don`t have as many different forms either.and they difinitely don`t have an open forum like this,so everyone should really take advantage of the site jewels.
And Anita that hard money guy got back to me promptly.So ppl with questions,,ask,these ladies and gents will answer..thanks andgood investing

Jim aka grandpa

site jewels

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and to the ppl asking questions,,these JEWELS are not only the form and doc`s,,the real jewels are the ppl that take the time to advise us.Like Anita,Sully,Elena and the many many more.So to all I say THANK YOU LADIES and GENTLEMEN !!!

Sincerely Grandpa in so. fl.

Hey Grandpa!

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First, let me say I LOVE your profile name!!! Second, let me just say that it's kind folks like yourself that make me want to keep posting. If I just reach one person a day, then my job is done, until tomorrow. Thank you kindly for your support... I feel truly blessed to have the chance to meet such wonderful people here! Eye-wink
Consider yourself hugged!

Thank you

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To Jim (grandpa) you are the sweetest thing. Every time I get a post from you I smile. Thank YOU for all of the encouragement and just so you know, I do what I do on here because I LOVE it. And if you cant do what you love, then why do it at all.

In conjunction

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with my earlier post. Just thought it would be a little more reading material