interest rates direction

interest rates direction

regarding interest rates, where do you think they are heading and why?


Very hard to say, and when.

Very hard to say, and when. But, over the longer period long term rates will probably go up. Short term rates get more relief from the fed cuts. For the near future it is day to day. In the longer term my guess is they are going up, but for now it is back and forth, so if you are getting close to locking in, keep a close eye on the day to day, even hour to hour changes, and lock in on a dip.

Short terms ARMs will be probably go down a bit more, but I think we've tested the lows of the long term rates.

Why... credit crunch, inflation / stagflation will need checked, and combination of less prominent issues. There are so many dilemas going on in the financial market it hard to even try to guess what kind of time window. No one is sure, not even the big money, that is why the financial markets are so volatile.

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