I am young and would like to try real estate investment

I am young and would like to try real estate investment

I am 20 yrs old...i would like to try some real estate investing, but i don't know what i should do to start.
I realize that trying to flip houses isn't something that i can do immediately, but i would like to know what i should do to 1)improve my knowledge about real estate investing and 2) get funds to start real estate investing....thanks for the advice



Mike it is nice to have you join us here on DG.com.

First, if you have not already done it, read Dean's book and take notes. Then browse this forum and read everything that you can. Since you know flipping is not where you should start then lets see what is.

There is always assigning, lease options, wholesaling or referrals. Yo can get good practice using the site by looking to your upper left and typing any of these into the search bar. Then read about them all. When something catches your eye, then post your questions and we will gladly answer. Much success and have a wonderful day.


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Im really excited about the possibilities. I am reading Dean's book right now with my notebook out. So far from what I have read, people are really supportive of each other. I will definitely use this site as a informational tool.

Mike, welcome to DG family!

You've come to the right place. Anita has given you some great feedback, and you can't go wrong with her. She is my idol and a good mentor. Good luck, and learn as much as you can and then start taking action.


Same here

I am in the same boat as you Mike. I'm only 21 and have ran into a bunch of dead end jobs and real estate seems like a win-win situation. I have been browsing the forums for the past few days and i can already tell that this is going to be my new home. Great advice comes from all ends. Everyone is here to help as i can see. And im sure that once i get the hang of it i too will be contributing. We all start of as newbies sometime. Let's just keep our heads up and keep pushing to be a Real Estate Millionaire!



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It's great to see some other

It's great to see some other people my age on here. Just remember, guys. Being organized and doing your homework is very important in any of the avenues you decide to take in this venture.

It's great to see so many

It's great to see so many young people on here starting out in REI!
Just think Anita, if we'd have had Dean's book at their age, where would we be now?!!
I too started out in my early 20's, guys, but I did things SO differently than what Dean teaches. I was still successful, but it came MUCH slower and with many mistakes. Of course, we'll all make mistakes no matter what system we try, and of course we learn from them. BUT you have such an advantage with having Dean's knowledge in your hands! Congratulations and we are SO excited for you!! Give it your all and keep us updated as you go.

Best wishes,



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Mike, David, James

Welcome to the DG family!!
I think it's fantastic that you're starting in REI now at your age. By time you're as old as some of us here you will all be multi-millionaires!! I've tried to get my teenage daughters involved in investing but I think only one of them might go that route. I certainly wish I had started out in my twenties, but it's better late than never right? I wish you all the very best and much success!


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The Younger the Better (but Better Late than Never!)

Yes, WELCOME and good luck!! It IS encouraging to see these younger people interested and seeing - at an early age - that there has to be a better way!
I look so forward (and my wife and I get so excited everytime we talk about it) to sharing my success with my sons (2 are married) and helping them realize that they, too, can have something else to either replace or suppliment what they are doing for their regular j-o-b-s.
Too, the younger you are when you approach something new - the easier it is to learn and grasp these new concepts.
So - the younger the better...but, as was already said about the rest of us... - better late than never!



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Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes are a low outlay investment for the beginning investor. Not usually good for resale but have been wonderful for cashflow.


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