About Me!!!

Hello my name is Cecilia Arce, and I am looking forward to helping as much as possible. I plan on trying to go as far as I can to help my family out. I wass recently in the military and its a little hard finding and income to match. I enjoy helping people with any problems that they have and I am willing to go the distance, no matter the time of day. I appreciate you time and help with this.

Thank you


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ArE yOu ReAdY tO sTaRt, ArE yOu ReAdInG tO dO tHe UtHiNkAbLe!!!

Hi Cecilia!

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Welcome to the DG family we're so happy to have you here. Feel free to read the start here post and any others that peak your interest. Let us know if we can help you with anything.
Good luck and may God bless! (Red Skelton)

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Hey, Cecilia.

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It's great to have you join us! You've sure chosen the right area (Real Estate Investing)to get a jump start on a good income and helping your family!
And again, we're glad to have you here as part of the DG family. Dig in. You'll be surprised at how fast you grow!!

Best wishes,

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