Pre-Forclosure Home-33%Reduced-No Realtor-Great Cond.

Pre-Forclosure Home-33%Reduced-No Realtor-Great Cond.

VERY MOTIVATED SELLER!! Must sell within 2 months!
I know Dean Graziosi investors are smart enough to not let this pass. How about you Dean?
Gorgeous estate Property Appraised at $ 2.8 million
Seller willing to sell for only 1.95 Million, if cash and closed quickly.
IN GREAT CONDITION ALREADY!! Seller has ALREADY found a RENTOR, who has offered to pay $7,000 mth.
Needless to say this is an incredible and rare investment opportunity for anybody! This estate will inevitably sell for over $3 Million as soon as the market bounces back, reaping the buyer an earning of over 1 Million!!

I'll be happy to give all the info on the house to anyone who's serious. LMarr100@****

NY-Long Island-Property
Further estate information for your perusal:
A Gorgeous home appraised at 2.8 million with 4.5 acres, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms(4 full -2 jacuzzis), More than 8,000 sq. ft., SO MUCH MORE! (only 35 minute drive to manhattan or 55 min. commute by RR.)

Sorry dean, i mistakenly posted this in the wrong place before.