Repairing Credit

Repairing Credit

I was reading the part of the book about putting yourself financially in order. I am currently working on that by paying all of my loans and debts off. I have a question for anyone that can help. Dean says that two to four credit cards are ideal...I have 7! I am working on paying them off, but I wanted to cancel some of them when it's all said and done. I have heard that it doesn't look good on your report to cancel accounts, but I want to weed out the cards with the horrible interest rates. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,


Repairing Credit

I am going to keep them in case of emergencies!Just because you have them does not mean you have to use them.And WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SO MUCH MONEY YOUR HAVE NO WORRIES!Think BIG and positive!Plus you do not have to worry about hurting your credit! Good Luck!

Transfer the balance on them

Transfer the balance on them to the lower ones. You don't have to close them. Keep you balance between 5% and 50% of your credit limit on any given card is what advisors have told me to get optimum "scoring".


Thanks to everyone who replied. I just didn't want to close some of them and it have a negative effect on the overal actual "score" in the big picture.


repairing credit

i went from 515 to 670 in 6 months 3 years ago dispute your credit report do not close any credit cards good advice. those that don't have a credit card get a secured card always over pay your accounts before time even by 10 dollars then you get better then expected reports on your account.

credit scoring

i just took a class in real estate finance and bureaus score credit as follows-35% payment history (making on time payment),30% balance to limit ratio (how much you spent vs. max amount of that card),15% length of time you've had that card,10% inquiries (# of times your score has been pulled),and finally 10% mix of credit (types of credit-credit cards,home loan,car loan-). my teacher advised me to have the balance to limit ratio at 30% or lower each month, because the companies report to the bureaus each month (ex. $1000 limit, keep $300 or less). hope that helps.



THANKS YOU GUYS! I actually got my credit score back and it's not as bad as I expected. My only problem is my debt to credit ratio. Once I pay the balances on some of the cards it is simulated that it will jump from 642 to a range from 730-783. So thank ya'll for the advice.


credit score

the reason my credit score went back so fast was i disputed all info that was real old or i felt was wrong. that gave me a new cred report.when that came back I noticed som of the things i disputed not removed so i called to find out why no good answer so i disputed them again and they went away. I have at the time beem paying my bills a week early and over paying by what i could I feel once I got all the junk off my report was the single thing that helped most (((do not let someone do for you what you can do yourself it is a waste of money and time and some things can not be removed as some would like you to believe))) george

Make phone calls and good debt

1. Call your card companies and ask them to lower you rate to 0% and not charge you the annual fee. If they say no, call again. Keep trying, it's like looking for a profitable deal.
2. Use asset to pay off your consumer debt. Example: buy a house with a positive cash-flow and let your tenants pay off your consumer debt.
3. Roll Over you high card into 0% fixed balance transfers to pay off the debt faster.
4. Only use credit lines to attain good debt. Re: Real Estate or Improvements on R.E. to increase equity value.

bad credit

Thank you all for this fantastic information, because i just got my credit report and my score is a F (534). Once i learn how to do finders fees i am going to pay off a little by little on my debts.

Thank you again,


Just starting the repair process

When I bought our last property, the banker advised us to have four past issues cleaned up on my credit history, which should drive up my score significantly!

This is what I am planning! Does anyone have additional advice?

So, I found a form letter on the internet that I will use to contact each of the three-credit report agencies. I have a copy of my recent report that I can state exactly what I want cleaned up!

Or is there a better or easier way that is still low cost???

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you are doing it right. Just be persistent and positive. I just cleaned mine up extensively.


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