Quick Tip working with Inspectors

Quick Tip working with Inspectors

Inspectors that can move fast are fantastic. One of the biggest complaints I have with inspectors is how long it takes them to get to the property. If you can find a fast, reliable, competent inspector keep them.

I use an inspector who is a good friend of mine. I just tell him the time and day and he is usually there. His costs are reasonable and I know what I am getting. His reports are detailed enough to give me a way to figure out what I need to fix up.

You should have an inspector on most of the homes that you will be looking at.


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check them out

A really good inspector is not easy to find. I had a good inspector at one time, and used a different one to cut costs. The cheap one missed some critical items, that cost me a whole lot more than what I saved on his fee. Ask for referances, and check them out. Then, when you find a good one, keep him.




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