Connecticut vs. Florida Investing

Connecticut vs. Florida Investing

Hi...Newbie here. I have no money, and below average credit. I am starting out doing pre foreclosures, etc., to make some cash and get a start. Question: Would you go to the West Coast of FL, Sarasota, Tampa area, where there are many opportunities like this right now, or stay closer to home, in the Stamford-Bridgeport area which I know very well.

I'm savvy and I believe I could get to know a new area quickly especially if I got a job driving a cab or limo. Also, I have about 10K to live on and expenses would be considerably cheaper in FL, not to mention the weather.

Thoughts?? Thanks for taking the time to help me and offer your advise.

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Hey Mark

I used to live in Wallingford and worked in the Shelton area, now I am in upstate New York. What I know about Bridgeport is that there are many good areas and many bad ones also. But your key here is to dabble in the areas that were dead but are now being re-built. Remember what this course teaches, location, location, location. It is your call though, working in an area that you know well does have a bunch of pros. If you are just looking to get out of the northeast and head south, well, do that too. It is your call. I don't think any of us here at DG is going to tell you where to invest..Good Luck...Jan

Re: CT vs FL

Thanks Jan. That's what my gut has been telling me. Get my feet wet up here, get a stake together, and expand to include a second area. Thanks for you advise. Mark