Quick Tip on Getting People to Read Your Marketing Part I

Quick Tip on Getting People to Read Your Marketing Part I

When a person that needs to sell their house contacts us either through phone, email or in person they came to us through some type of marketing. One of the most common marketing methods is through letters or postcards (known as marketing through copy). When creating copy you want to keep three concepts in mind.

1) Catch the Readers attention. Having attention grabbing words, colors and designs in the heading are very, very important. Your P.S. also needs to grab attention because people attention goes from the heading to who sent the information at the bottom. The P.S. is the natural progression of reading. If you have no P.S. or the P.S. is not very good you will lose readership. Look at Dean - He has great heading and a P.S. that builds interest.

2) Get them to read the information you are presenting. Most people read at an eight grade level so your writing should be at this level. Also, a good idea is to have the first sentence of the first paragraph catchy and short but pertaining to the material. In a forum called part Two I give an article that covers this in greater detail.

3) Get them to act. There is a lot of statistic about the percentage of people that close to the times they have been asked to act. Marketing should ask them to buy, call, drive or do whatever you want them to do. If you do not ask the client to call or act multiple times they will not call or act.


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