Quick Tip about Working with HUD's Good Neighbor Program.

Quick Tip about Working with HUD's Good Neighbor Program.

Many of may not be able to use HUD's Good Neighbor Program and there are some reading this information that can find this very usefull.

HUD has a program that will allow Teacher, Cops, Firemen and EMT's to purchase HUD properties at 50% of the listed asking price. This programs name is Good Neighbor Next Door.

Here are the requirements for those wanting the HUD homes at 50% of the asking price:

- They have to be full time in the employ.
- They need to have been sworn in if needed (cops)
- If they are a teacher they need to be teaching K-12.
- They need to show proof that they have been working at the position for one (1) year.
- They cannot own another home when they are purchasing the HUD home.
- They must live in the home for three years after the purchase.

I cannot benefit from this but have a very good friend who has never owned a home and is affraid they will never be able to but using this program they will be able to get a home with huge amounts of equity.


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