Realestate Investing School

Realestate Investing School

Has anybody heard of any real estate investing schools? I have been introduced to one and am very interested in attending, it is called [READ THE RULES! -DGadmin]. This school is set up like a real university where you are actually taking classes and are being taught specific strategies of real estate investing. Any feed back on this topic would be appreciated! Thanks!




Thanks dredey I'll look into that. im looking for something that is realy like a school setting. i found out that [READ THE RULES] is actually like two years to complete all your hours i think that might be cool. what do you guys think?

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PS- The "school" you are referring to, according to other accounts, is basically a MLM system disguised as real estate education. If you have a pile of money to throw away, go for it and let us know how you do. If not, my recommendation would be to avoid it.

My opinion

I looked at that system. I felt it was way too much money. Look on I bought the first 4 chapters of their system for less than $100. I felt the information was good but not any better than everything else I have seen. Just start small. On the job training is the best there is.


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My experience with schools, is that most instructors do not have any practical experience. They provide good background information, but the most useful training you can get is from trainers with actual (successful) experience. On the job training, beats classrooms every time (my opinion). This school may be very good, but I would ask what investment experience the instructors have.




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cthaxton wrote:
Has anybody heard of any real estate investing schools? I have been introduced to one and am very interested in attending, it is called Nouveau Riche. Thanks!

I have been a member of the DG family for almost a month. Let me tell you, I have found more information in these forums than any "live" course. With Dean's book and this forum, I have been able to take investing strategies and ideas, do some research and come up with an action plan. The majority of people on this forum are investors RIGHT NOW. You can't get better teaching than that. Also, try some home study courses. Don't pay full price, get them off of ebay. Save your $$$, you're going to want to invest that $$$ into property to become a millionaire, not make someone else the millionaire. That's why DG is so great. All of his stuff is reasonable!!!

Hey that's a good idea I was

Hey that's a good idea I was telling my girlfriend the same thing that we probly would only need them chapters because I'm sure everything the intructors going to teach is right in those bools or on the software thanks for all the feedback by the way the DG fam seems to be great. I was thinking about before I commit any of my money I would take a trip down to AZ to see the school and classes first hand

I agree!

You can find so much more info, experiences, stratagies, tips, how to's, what to do what not to do and everything else I missed right here on this site. Everyone has their different way of doing things but here you have everyone's way all in one place, so take what you learn from here and develope your own stratgies and success will surly follow. Laughing out loud Dont waste your time and money on lomg course and inexperienced teachers. Go with those who really know what they are talking about.

Yea I agree with u guys I'll

Yea I agree with u guys I'll keep u guys posted on my trip and what I think of it.

Glorified MLM

Cthaxton... I've spoke with others who joined the company you mentioned with high hopes. Guess what... 5% of the time for $15,000 they paid was on basic real estate teaching. The other 95% was showing them how to recruit others into the system so they could get a piece of their "tuition".

If you like MLM, then you're on the right track. If you don't, you've been sucked into to the ultimate bait and switch.

I can't imagine you are this serious about it and you came on this site just to talk about it (I don't see any posts except this company), and you haven't searched Google to see what the real deal is on it. Usually when people do this they are trying to sneakily promote underhanded schemes to our members, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Please read the site rules, they prohibit the discussion of any unapproved products or services, particularly ones like these.

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