I'm Off To A New Start!

I'm a former TV news anchor (Germany, 24hr news station, owned by CNN). I am divorced, and I have one child (son, 10).

I ordered the program incl. AFF, just received it (about 4 days ago), and now I will start a new chapter in my already interesting life!


+ Earn back the money I lost in my divorce (about $238,000),and use it for investing into rental property

+ Make another $300K to tuck away for my son's college fund

+ Travel while investing part time in RE Smiling)

Contact me, if you are interested in working together or exchanging experience.

Welcome to the DG family, Conny.

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Sounds like you've had quite an exciting life so far! I'm certain you are going to enjoy this NEW chapter just as much. Smiling
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Again, good to have you here!


Hi Conny!

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Welcome to the DG family we are very happy to have you join us. Wow, I'd love to hear about your experiences as a news anchor. I'm sorry to hear about your divorce and the loss it cost you. I would be happy to share any knowledge and experience with you, feel free to contact me anytime via the forum or directly, my contact info is on my profile. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
God bless you,
Elena Laughing out loud