Deal of the Month #4 - Tax Sales

We're proud to announce we have released another installment in Dean Graziosi's Deal of the Month video series.

This month Dean shows you how he made a killing on his first tax sale investment. I think you'll enjoy this one a lot.

Tax Sales - Deal of the Month

I have a foreclosure on my credit

Can i still purchase real estate with a foreclosure on my credit? I am in the State of Florida.


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Invest or purchase? If you mean purchase, yes, you can if you find the right lender or have a very substantial down payment. If you mean invest, of course, there are plenty of ways to work deals where your credit isn't even a factor.

Right On The Money

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Another great video from Dean and it is rite on thd money becaure that is what I am concentrating on rite now. The county will release the book of properties that are up for sale in November. The sale is in February. Thanks for the pointers and great info.

Dean or Admin...

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My question is did Dean buy that at auction or over the counter?

I think...

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OTC I think... I'll try to remember to ask him. If I don't get back, maybe bring it up on the conference call.

Thanks dgadmin!

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I thought so, but wasn't sure. I appreciate you asking him for me. Ok I sure will, thanks!! Smiling


Just had a tax lien thrown on me. This will probably make it tough to purchase or invest in property?

Tax Sales

I just finished reading Be A Real Estate Millionaire. We just had a tax auction in our county last week. It came up too quick and I wasn't prepared to attend the auction. I want to get started investing right away and not have to wait until another tax auction. How can I find out what properties didn't sell at the auction? Can I purchase these properties before they go up again for auction in the spring?

Thanks in advance...


Tax Sale Inspiration

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Dean's video on tax sales was very informative to me. The deal of the month shows you that even government can be flexible on price. It is important to see what other may miss. thanks for sharing the video and the insight. Believe and Achieve! Smiling