SOLID Deal- to make millions- short on cash- NEED HELP

SOLID Deal- to make millions- short on cash- NEED HELP

Below is a proposal on a piece of land and an opportunity in a location in Tennessee that is growing fast. I need help financially and knowledge. Millions will be made, i need about 750K to get our hands on it and some working capitol. 250-500k to start the developement which will be recovered rapidly. Plan is based on the sales of other like projects in the area.



if interested in finding out more please call me james 423-765-1325... best to have this project completed by memorial day next year for the fastest return.

I have most of the deal roughed in already. Proposals - market analysis, the proof that this works, etc...

Here is a proposal on the land use and values:

Lot sizes 50 wide x 100 length

- 68 River lots @ $50,0000 to $75,000 each
- 68 Water view lots across road from waterfront @ $15,000 to $25,000 each
- 34 lake/pond lots @ $30,000 to $40,000 each
- 15 River front lots on the East side @ $40,000 to $60,000 each

approx 510 acres left over @ $1,900 to $2500 ac value or FREE FARM!!!

Farms Value at a low end an high for today's worth (values will increase)

68 river lots = $3,400,000 to $5,100,000 Million

68 river view lots = $1,020,000 to 1,700,000 Million

34 Lake lots = $1,020,000 to $1,360,000 Million

15 river lots on east side = $600,000 to $900,000

510 acres = $969,000 to $1,275,000 Million

Total = $7,009,000 to $10,335,000 Million

Mr. Clifford this farm will make you some major money, if that's what you want, now how much money you want all depends on if you prefer to make a fast nickel or slow dime but with this farm that dime can be a Dollar. This figures are up to date figures and have not been stretched to sell you on it. There are river lots right down the road that are selling at $75,000 and the gentle man said his higher level lots are going up to $100,000 after his contract is up with the realtor. We just sold a lot on the next farm over ( which you can see the lot in the plat ) for a man in a divorce and needed it gone quick, it literally sold in less than one month everyone was calling about that lot because you can't find a river lot for less than $75,000. You could always sell off maybe 5 to 10 lots real quick at 50,000 and take that money pay on the note and Development cost then sit back and collect money and watch the lots pay for the whole farm and you enjoy it free of charge and plus still have 510 acre investment to sell if wanted later in time (if wanted). Also there is the option of you building homes on a couple lots and selling which Its another route to make additional profit.

Plus the revenue you can make from folks begging to lease it for Row Crops, Hay, and Hunting (This farm offers some of the best ducking hunting this area has to offer). Also this farm has marketable timber. This farm will make you money from every corner and personally the amount just from the river lots gave me chill bumps. If you can't tell by now this farm excites me because I know for a fact the possibilities that it has to offer. If you would make a visit I will prove what this farm can do and not just show you this farm but others that have been a huge success. Even without the River frontage this farm would still be one of the best in the area although I would save some frontage for you own use and River access.

I look forward to meeting with you this weekend and please don't hesitate to give me call for any questions what so ever that is what I'm here for.



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Have you thought about exploring Craig's List for major investment people. There is a bunch of action going on at this web...Jan


i have looked over craigs list not sure if i am looking in the right place.
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It sounds very interesting, for sure. I guess my big question would be, how rural is it, and is $750k the price out the door, is that just working capital to finance it?

How available is it for utilities, sewage, water (well, rights, or municipal)?

If it really rural, and those items are not really available, a more ambitious approach would be to have your own utility company. Eye-wink Going wind, hydro or solar is not expensive as it once was. I've seen writeups on whole communities being ran a very very small hydro generators, that aren't even obtrusive to the waterways. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of Greensburg, lol.

At any rate, maybe you could give us more details about the area without divulging more than you are comfortable with of course. Things like growth, economy, and location are going to be all major factors that contribute to the demand projections. Also, the ability for subdivising and zoning been investigated?

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The entire area is rural, mostly agriculture except on the river. there is a town on the other side of the river and several marinas... i just came back from the property over the weekend.

If you could see it you would know that this is going to happen, its just who is going to do it. There are several developments going in. One is doing really good, and they are building 300,000 dollar houses in the their, with a space for just rental cabins. Upscale and very nice...

what i saw was Florida maybe 10-15 years ago in the Hernando - citrus county area... retirees coming in, allowing infrastructure to be built and then the population explosion as young people man the hospitals and then have thier won needs, for gyms, day care, schools etc.

water will be city water and normal electric... high speed internet will be lacking. Sewage would be septic. lot buyer responsible for it.

Growth- i saw many houses being built in the nicer developments. the developments that were not doing well they were asking over 120k per lot ... way over priced... we are coming in at 50K right next door to the wealthier properties with nicer lots and higher elevation and much-much more land available.

this weekend people were on the river having fun... and thats more of what we are selling for most folks, is the ability to have. I understand people are leaving Memphis in droves. I spoke to several management companies of apartment buildings that also indicated that Memphis is not doing well.

below is a rough outline of what involved

750k i figured was about 40% of 2.5k--- i have lenders asking for 40% down... others want 10%
we need the down payment, 10-40% of the negotiated price
infrastructure -- is 500k for the upscale---- upscale brings better customers.
50-70k to get farm started.

lets just say 1 million, but that also depends if i can partner with right person... and a full service marina would be awesome and possibly turning the farm into a golf course.... the golf course would have us as the number one upscale development in the area. the heck with the farm...all i need is a visionary with some cash and credibility

Proposal on land use and values:

525 Acre Farm on the Tennessee River for $2,500,000

This Tennessee River front farm is one of the best if not the best in this area, and it is deeded to the low water mark on the river (big plus)!!!

It has a total of 1.4 miles of TN river frontage

Homes would have to be elevated a min of 7 feet to meet FEMA guidelines on the 389 elevation contour, on most homes on the banks it would be desirable to have a above ground basement to elevate them 10.5 to 11feet in height. This proposed height would allow parking and storage below the home and allow room for roll up garage doors and heat/air duct work.

This Farm’s property line runs on out into the river and the TVA has a flowage easement on the property from December until Mays 31 of each year. Their easement up to 376 feet in elevation. Thus making it easier to allow private Boat docks permits (big plus & rare)

This property is suitable for recreational lots, building lots, marina or just a private farm with great future growth as good river frontage gets harder and harder to find.

The stream and Lake have duck hunting that is “good as it gets for this area”

Estimated Value if developed:
65 river front lots @ $50,000 to $75,000 each
65 water view lots across road from water front @ $15,000 to $25,000 each
34 lake front lots @ $30,000 to $40,000 each
15 river front lots on East side @ $40,000 to $60,000 each
Approx 510 acres left @ $1900 to $2,500 acre value

Total Value : $7,139,000 to $10,035,000

Estimated cost to develop:
-Install water lines ($75,000)
-Install electricity ($35,000)
-Soil work (Perk test) ($7,500)
-Survey expense 179 lots @ $125 lot ($22,375)
-Machine work ($20,000)
-Misc, Unaccounted for ($10,000)
-Dredge work in lake to make more usable ($100,000)
( but would also increase value of these lots and create more value than what is accounted for)

This farm does not need much dozier or grade work. ( The river lots are level )

Development cost range from $169,875 min to $300,000 max

3- month development stage for roads, electric, water etc. (Lots can be pre-sold during this stage)

5 Year sales Plan

65 River lots – 13 lots a year $650,000 To $975,000
65 River view lots- 13 lots a year $195,000 To $325,000
34 lake lots- 7 year $210,000 To $280,000
15 East River lots- 3 lots a year $120,000 To $180,000
1,175,000 To 1,760,000 yearly

5 years: $5,875,000 To $8,800,000
(Plus a 510 acre Farm that’s worth $1,900 to $2,500 an Acre)

285 % To 400% Investment

The goal is not to over price the lots for market but lower than our competitions which would be private owners that are selling in completed older developments that are holding out for that top dollar. This land is priced low enough to where we can pass on the discounts and still make a large and quick fortune. This idea is running on the old saying “I’d rather make a quick nickel than a slow dime” or at least until the development is paid for which is the number 1 goal then raise prices up the less lots available.

First objective after development stages is to sell half the first years goal within the first quarter to get a head start and get some structure ups to cause a fire to dry grass effect. Once the public notices this development is flourishing then more will be attracted to buy.

• Auction 5 River lots, 5 Lake lots, 5 River view lots
• Buy River lots at ??? get the river view lot across the road for free (parking, storage)
• Open house for all Realtors with selling bonus for 3 months
• Discount some lots for Builders to build spec homes

What Makes this idea a Winner?

In a nut shell, no matter what people will always be into recreation and the biggest recreation is water, swimming, fishing, boating and just looking at water. People flourish to water and travel great distances for it and spend extra to have it. To many it’s a lifestyle, and gives a reason and motive to bring friends and family together to grill out or barbeque and spend the day on the water. For our target market to just get out of the congested city after a stressful week and just spend the whole weekend in a pair a swim shorts, tank top and sandals driving the boat pulling the kids around on the water-tube hearing the laughter that reminds them why they work so hard.

The county’s main revenue comes from the sales of Tennessee River lots and the yearly tax dollars also causing tourism dollars spent in town on gas, groceries, restaurants and other commodities.


Stage 1:
Lease and develop relationships with local farmers and cattlemen, shepherds’ to use their experience and know how by- Leasing acreage for row crops-or land for their livestock in order

1. harvest hay in stage 2
2. run the ranch
3. maintain property in good order

And/or to provide room, board and income for a ranch hand and their family that will bring the operation to its fullest potential. In order to eventually become a partner in the farm proceeds.

Stage 2.

1. Being that Hay is the number 2 income producing crop in the U.S. and the ease of raising hay we will be harvesting hay during start up operations.
2. I intend to hire local help to do the harvest
3. Pay will be 10% of the total net income after taxes.
4. Hay will be sold in mainly in the local markets up to a 500 mile radius, and through hay brokerages.
5. we will use the 220 acres to produce top quality hay
a. rule of thumb production
i. 1 acre = 10 to 15 rolls per cutting
b. Bale of hay goes at the minimum of $40.00 during drought as high as $125+
c. 220 acres X 10 rolls = 2200 rolls
i. 2200X $40 = 88,000
ii. 2200 x $125 = 275,000
d. Range of income per cutting
i. 88,000 to 275,000
e. Most years you get at least 2 cuttings bumper year 3 cuttings…
i. 2 cuttings =176,000 to 550,000
ii. 3 cuttings = 264,00 to 825,000
f. This property is protected from drought because of the amount water that surrounds it.

Costs : Tractor, tiller bailer, lease or purchase- 30k for purchase of new
Cost share with local farmer

Stage 3: other pastures will be developed for livestock
1. Cattle and goats and hair sheep
a. Hair sheep will average 150-200% return on investement.
i. Easiest of all sheep to raise, best for new farmers, and are in great demand.
ii. One lady farmer outside Knoxville Tennessee works 300 sheep by herself and one Border collie with an income over $60,000 a year.
b. There is a great demand for the hair sheep in eastern Tennessee as the scott county hair sheep association is having difficulty keeping their contract fulfilled with food city. They have a 10,000 head a year contract with them @$3.00 a lb. Each sheep fetches about $180
c. 180 for the lamb – butchering is $25 and $2 for the association you usually will walk away with over $125 per head.
d. Break down:
i. 100 head will birth at 150-200% = 150-200 lambs
1. 150lambs x $125= $18,750
2. 200lambs x $125 = $25,000
3. sheep birth 3x in two years
4. Sheep average about $1400 per acre per birth cycle with 5 adult ewes per acre- with great pasture double it to $2400 an acre with 10 adult ewes. (base Numbers)
a. Compare the return on investment to hay
b. HAY 10x40= 400 per acre x2 cuttings $800 (base numbers) Sheep can steadily outperform hay 250%
c. Many markets for sheep
i. Breeders-highest dollar- $200 to1200each.
ii. Ethnic groups
iii. Foreign countries
iv. Local food stores
v. Food city
vi. Eastern seaboard
vii. Hair sheep chops sells for $14.00+ per lb in the eastern tenn. Area And in great demand
2. GOAL: 500 Breeders producing 1000 lambs for market x 125 = 125,000
a. Estimated time to acquire goal with start up of 100 ewes
i. 100 + 150 lambs = 350+525 ewes= 875 breeders
1. figure losses to predatory and non desirables will be two breeding periods… inside of three years goal will be met
2. income will be generated by the elimination of non-desirables paying to support operation

3. Cattle
a. Needed with the sheep to reduce the build-up of parasitic activity
b. Market for cattle will be stronger than usual as the weather conditions forced a major sell off of cattle in recent years.
c. Price for cattle will also be higher
4. Goat: very similar to the sheep in numbers and return on investment.
a. Plans will be developing to employee locals to raise goat milk and manufacture cheeses and other goat products. To be researched and developed in future project.

Materials needed- high tensile electric fence
Water systems
Border collie
Jack-ass- = same as guard dog.. but they don’t eat sheep.
Pole Barn and chute
Truck & trailer
Costs: estimate 10k-15k for the first 100 breeding sheep
3k for miscellaneous health care
Fencing will use government grants and programs
90% match for fencing and watering systems to keep water quality
Truck 20k
Trailer 5k
Pole barn 5k
Jack ass- $500 free if mean enough
Border collie $1000
4 wheeler $10,000
Grains for finishing-?? Depends on market
Mortgage? unknown

TOTAL: 45-50k

Return. Paid and profitable inside of three years.
Income resource: expansion of pastures through the sale of some timber

The large amount taxes and income, from the property and income from the hired hands will further help Decatur County grow and prosper for many years to come.

Craigs list

Look up the state, then go to real estate wanted or for sale. There are investors on this sight all the time...Good Luck...Jan