equity partner needed

equity partner needed

Below is a proposal on a piece of land and an opportunity in a location in Tennessee that is growing fast. I need help financially and knowledge. Millions will be made, i need about 750K to get our hands on it and some working capitol. 250-500k to start the developement which will be recovered rapidly. Plan is based on the sales of other like projects in the area.



if interested in finding out more please call me james 423-765-1325... best to have this project completed by memorial day next year for the fastest return.

I have most of the deal roughed in already. Proposals - market analysis, the proof that this works, etc...

Here is a proposal on the land use and values:

Lot sizes 50 wide x 100 length

- 68 River lots @ $50,0000 to $75,000 each
- 68 Water view lots across road from waterfront @ $15,000 to $25,000 each
- 34 lake/pond lots @ $30,000 to $40,000 each
- 15 River front lots on the East side @ $40,000 to $60,000 each

approx 510 acres left over @ $1,900 to $2500 ac value or FREE FARM!!!

Farms Value at a low end an high for today's worth (values will increase)

68 river lots = $3,400,000 to $5,100,000 Million

68 river view lots = $1,020,000 to 1,700,000 Million

34 Lake lots = $1,020,000 to $1,360,000 Million

15 river lots on east side = $600,000 to $900,000

510 acres = $969,000 to $1,275,000 Million

Total = $7,009,000 to $10,335,000 Million

Mr. Clifford this farm will make you some major money, if that's what you want, now how much money you want all depends on if you prefer to make a fast nickel or slow dime but with this farm that dime can be a Dollar. This figures are up to date figures and have not been stretched to sell you on it. There are river lots right down the road that are selling at $75,000 and the gentle man said his higher level lots are going up to $100,000 after his contract is up with the realtor. We just sold a lot on the next farm over ( which you can see the lot in the plat ) for a man in a divorce and needed it gone quick, it literally sold in less than one month everyone was calling about that lot because you can't find a river lot for less than $75,000. You could always sell off maybe 5 to 10 lots real quick at 50,000 and take that money pay on the note and Development cost then sit back and collect money and watch the lots pay for the whole farm and you enjoy it free of charge and plus still have 510 acre investment to sell if wanted later in time (if wanted). Also there is the option of you building homes on a couple lots and selling which Its another route to make additional profit.

Plus the revenue you can make from folks begging to lease it for Row Crops, Hay, and Hunting (This farm offers some of the best ducking hunting this area has to offer). Also this farm has marketable timber. This farm will make you money from every corner and personally the amount just from the river lots gave me chill bumps. If you can't tell by now this farm excites me because I know for a fact the possibilities that it has to offer. If you would make a visit I will prove what this farm can do and not just show you this farm but others that have been a huge success. Even without the River frontage this farm would still be one of the best in the area although I would save some frontage for you own use and River access.

I look forward to meeting with you this weekend and please don't hesitate to give me call for any questions what so ever that is what I'm here for.