7 KEY ELEMENTS: to include in your property fix-up plan

7 KEY ELEMENTS: to include in your property fix-up plan

1) BUDGET: establish a bottom-line budget before you start the job.

2) TOTAL JOB COST ESTIMATE: estimate within 5% how much the total fix-up is going to cost.

3) LABOR: hire competent tradesmen & contractors.

4) JOB SUPERVISION: if you don't have the time to supervise the job yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

5) QUALITY CONTROL: have all the completed work inspected to make certain that it has been done in a professional manner & in accordinance with building codes.

6) WORK SCHEDULE: set a schedule to complete the entire job.

7) COMPLETION DATE: put completion dates in all of your contracts, YOUR HERO, SULLY. Sticking out tongue



Great info Sully

This will really come in handy when I finally get my first deal to fly!


you got it....

there Roni, need anything just ask, SULLY.




Thanks Sully, i wrote that all down in my notes. I also know to look from top to bottom out side and in to make sure and be detailed . It's like reading a book, each time you read it you get something else out of it.Thanks again for the info

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