Sue Sill of McAllen, Texas

I am a botanist who has spent 20 years as an administrator for Parks and Botanical Gardens. I recently semi-retired (still working 1/2 time) and want to begin investing in real estate. My goal is to own rental property to provide additional cash flow for myself to supplement my retirement income, and future wealth to leave my family.

I used to own 6 rental houses with my ex-husband, which were sold nearly two decades ago. I was the one who managed them and did many of the repairs and improvements. That was in another city, but also in South Texas. I saw the rents climb from $150 per month to $700. Similar single family homes here are renting for $900 to $1,200. I have been in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas for 5.5 years, and am learning about the various areas that are affordable and desirable. I expect this to be both frightening and fun.

hello sue

Hi sue, my name is Nehemiah Prado, I reside in Edinburg, I also enjoy investing in real estate, when I'm not running my wholesale business. I like networking with people doing real estate, especially locally. Its a great way to learn about other deals and potential deals in the area. wish you well, take care. my e-mail is nemiprado@****