What every investor should know.

What every investor should know.

If I’ve learned anything from my time with Mr. Graziosi’s book, these phenomenal forums or my own experience; you have to be tenacious. The bare bones are we’re interested in real estate because we want to see big returns on our investments. We all want to be skipping merrily to the nearest bank with our earnings. You can spend hours and hours on this website or reading Mr. Graziosi’s books, but YOU have to take that first step forward. Only you can decide what’s best for you.

In many cases, the biggest obstacle isn’t poor credit or shoddy income, it’s ourselves. We’re scared to get out of our comfort zones and chase the things we desire. It is very scary, at least initially, to take those first steps into any new venture. But you have to overcome that or no amount of knowledge you receive here will do you any good. You’re going to have to make those calls, write those emails and be firm on the negotiations table. Let your voice be heard.

This website is the best support group anyone who’s trying to break into this business could dream of. The regulars really take a vested interest in you and your success. They’ve been there and made the deals we want to make. These people have enough resources to be doing anything they want to do. But they want to be here, on the forums, with us. That should be a huge boost of confidence for everyone.

The quickest way to learn any trade is to have first hand instruction. You’ve got that here. If I gave you all the tools necessary, a thorough instruction booklet and a friendly environment to work in; you would be able to build anything. Why should this be any different?

Be tenacious. You have to go out there and make things happen. The wonderful things we all want aren’t going to just appear out of thin air while we’re lounging on the couch. There is little luck in real estate and banking on a feeling isn’t the right formula for success. You need to research, calculate and see if the things you’re trying to accomplish can work out on paper. An educated investor will always triumph over a spur of the moment one.

There’s not a doubt that everyone here can succeed in whatever they choose to do. The only barrier that can hold any of you back is if you don’t take that first step and get the knowledge that’s available to you here through the books and forums. This isn’t a fear tactic, it’s the honest truth. But I have a feeling you’re going to make the right decision for yourself and your future.

Thanks for reading. Good luck!


Excellent Observation James

I agree with you 10000% on this one. Persistence and objectivity will take you a long way in this business and it is true, we have some of if not THE BEST forums on REI around, on here.

Thank you for such an inspirational view into you and your thoughts on the sit.


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Round of applause for James!

Well said my friend, well said! Thank you for all your contributions too James! Eye-wink


Cool Elena Cool
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Very Nice

Very good article there James!! I totally agree with you!! Can you just imagine if no one was scared to take that first step??

Thanks again,

wow I needed to here this

thank you so much for posting this James iv'e been reading every thing i can get my eyes on i think im just a few Qs away from doing but as u say this is the hardest part as im finding out ive heard good and bad about doing assignments but i think but not sure if this is all i can get into i still trying to find out if i have good anuff cridit bye and holds for rent or just fix and sales but the lease op that Elena is doing sounds great to,but all i can think of is what deans says WORK WITH PRE FORCLOUSRES N FORCLOUSRES.seems to me finding sallers is the ez part but as i think it was Elena said we need 6 to 10 great buyers and thats what im trying to dig up now ,anyway thanks for the post its helping me to get off my !@#@#@#$ and just do it scott2


Great post. Abundance will shower down on you like a waterfall with that kind of a mindset.


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!