i found a great house but need help

i found a great house but need help

I am trying to get a finder's fee. I found a house in a great neighborhood with great schools nearby. How do i go about finding buyers for the house?



A couple of things for you. Do you have a buyers list established yet? Are you a member of an investment club? Huge piece if you are not. Why? Because you will be associating yourself with local investors in your area that know all about investing. Go to this site will point you in the right direction to locate REI's in your area. A real good move for you if you do. Try these ideas, they might work for you. At your age, you will be a Dean Graziosi if you keep your nose to the grindstone. Good luck and keep me in the loop...Jan

hurry!?! get this property....

UNDER CONTRACT!, if you want your finders fee you better get a hold of the owner and negotiate a deal and LOCK UP this deal, so you can assign the contract to another investor....Jan told you how to put together a BUYERS LIST, if you dont have time to go to the meetings, then look for "WE BUY HOUSES" ads in your local paper, they will also say "going through Foreclosure?" or something of that effect, call them up and ask if they would be interested in any WHOLESALE PROPERTIES, if they agree, get thier e-mail, phone#,etc, oh, i almost frogot, dont froget to give the homeowner an earnest deposit, dosen't have to be much($100)



Hi Manuel!

Welcome to the DG family/forum as I call it. We're glad you joined us. Sully's right, if it's a great deal you want to lock it up so you can control it and make all the cashola!!
Good luck and God bless,


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Jan, Sully, Elena helping out.

I am about a week on this site now, and it is great to see a newbie like me ask such a question that deals with what I have been reading about in my Training modules, and see Jan, Sully, and Elena come through with the needed info. Pas. Greg

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