How REI Affects Those Around You

I have noticed that my new path in life as a Real Estate Investor has had some interesting effects on those around me.

First, my family. I have not been well for quite a while now and not one person in my family (outside of my mother and little sister) have ever even bother to call and ask me how I was feeling or volunteer to take care of the kids for me or even lend me a single cent for a bill or rent. Now I have family I have not spoken to in years offering to do things for me, oh... and by the way, do you have a house I can rent, or why don't you let me buy that house from you and I pay you a "lil something" for it. MAN!!... have they lost their minds.

Secondly, I am noticing I now have friends I never knew I had. Everyone of these n friends looking for an investment tip or an "in" on a good deal or "partnering" with me, but of course their partnering does not meet any standard for which I have ever known. I find the property, I find the funds, I buy the property and they collect the rent. Hmmmmmm....makes you scratch your head doesn't it.

Next, I have noticed that I have become the most popular mom in the neighborhood because all of the other parents think I can "fix their foreclosure". Where I live the foreclosure rate has exceeded 66.3% as opposed to the national average of 9.9%.

Lastly, I have discovered that I now have more "haters" following my actions and moves than I have ever had in my entire life. I have people that monitor me like I was on the Most Wanted list. All to watch and wait for me to make a slip up and fall dead on my face.

All this and it just amazes me because 4 months ago no one knew I existed. I guess my new venture into Real Estate Investing is affecting EVERYONE. For better or worse.


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That's when you know you're on the right track sister!! Keep up the great work, WE LOVE YOU... For who you are, not what you can do for us!! You've already done so much for us and we're forever grateful for that. Eye-wink
Continued blessings to you,


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YOU GOT THAT RIGHT ELENA im allmost filling the same thing from people in my circle now that some of them know what im doing things are chaneing ummmm oh well i really dont care to tell you the truth IM JUST GOING TO DO WHAT I DO and thsy can sit back and watch me so many disbeleavers and like i said in an erelyer post USERSSS!!!!!!! go get um Anita

hey ant....

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tell all those "haters", "don't hate the player hate the game", i feel ya, SULLY

Hey, Nita,

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You just be yourself and they'll figure it out. Smiling
Think how poor Dean must feel. Maybe he'll have to offer us a class, "How to Handle Being Rich"!

Love ya, sis.


haa haa LOL LOL

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GOOD one rina


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And just to think, I thought I was all

You guys are thee best. I guess I had to do what Elena did and just vent and get it off my chest. Thanks for listening.

This is interesting what you

This is interesting what you have said. I will have to keep an eye out for this as I go down the same path.

Enjoy the Success!

Anita, it all comes with the territory. The haters and the congratulators. Enjoy it! It shows you are on the right path to success. The next time you see those haters say, "I haters, Bye Haters, You see Me, Make Paper!" I know you like that ryhme....hold on I think Jay-Z wants to sign me. I'm back...NOw eveybody sing! LOL...Enjoy it Anita and See You at the Top!


positive suroundings

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Nita , do what you can to surround your self with positive people , there are people out there that are extremely happy for you and wish you the best , maybe its time to move on ,such negativity is only making you waste valuble time , don't even give the haters a second thought , sky's the limit for you !!!!

problem solver

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I am a problem solver. Just give me all those problems of having to much money.....

I am looking foward to trading up problems the way some people trade up on cars.

Anita, you were able to get past the naysayers and start your new career these new "friends" are just a different type of naysayer. you will surpass them also.

Thank you for you.


-One step closer