Finding and Assigning Foreclosures an Answer to a PM

Finding and Assigning Foreclosures an Answer to a PM

Were do I go to find preforclosures and foreclosures and once i have found them what is the next step to assigning them.How do I lock up the property and draw up the contract.
My area of intrest is Gwinnett county,GA

Finding foreclosures can be done by going to your local recorders office. Some offices are even available online. You will want to do research for NOD's and/or Lis Pendens

By foreclosures I assume you are meaning REO properties. Realtors are a great way to find these properties.

Assigning properties that are in foreclosure can be difficult to do as the banks generally do not like assignments of contract. In another forum I ran through an option of how to use an LLC to "assign" a property.

Realtors can help you put the paperwork together.


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