Travis's Journal

Travis's Journal

Well boy... So I finally have something to write about in a journal, so I decided to start one.

A real brief background about myself. I live in Orange County CA and am a pilot for ExpressJet Airlines. I am getting furloughed Oct 1st (furloughed is basically being fired, except they will eventually call you back to work), and hope to do REI full time!

I have enrolled in the Success Academy and part of the homework for Lesson 1 was to contact a Realtor and set up meetings, etc. Well I contacted 3 Realtors so that I can sort them out and decide which ones to use, if any. After reading these forums a bit, I at least had a good idea what to expect and to know that some of them may be less informed than others.

So my first meeting was today, and it was with a guy named Sam. The meeting lasted 15 minutes. I was talking to him and he was asking me what I am interested in, and I told him SFH 3 bedroom, etc etc. He asked about my financing and I told him that my parters would be purchasing the property and that I would most likely assign it over to them. Unless it was a property that I wanted to personally purchase.

So he begins to tell me that you cannot do that, and I listen politely. He pulls out a contract and shows it to me and says "See where it says 'Buyer', that's where you put your name". So I continue listening to his little spiel and then he begins to say that in order to purchase a home, I will need to get pre-qualified and have a bank ready to give me the loan.

I don't quite respond to that and so he continues by saying "Okay, I guess I'll waste my time pulling up some properties, but I need to know how your going to be financed." So I stopped him right there and said "Lets do this Sam. You don't need to 'waste' your time looking up any properties. Let me get a business card from you and consider what I want to do, and I'll call you"

His tone changed a little and he started talking as though he wanted to help me if I had any questions. But the meeting ended there.

He was an older man who has probably been in the business awhile and is used to those set routines to sell a property... Oh well, his loss. Also when he asked me if I was interested in short sales I said no, and he asked why... and I didn't really know what to say. Now I know I can say because they take so long! I'm 27 and look young, so I'm sure he thought he was just dealing with some kid who wanted to buy a house.

Anyway, I'm moving forward. I have 2 other Realtors I'm meeting with on Tuesday and they were very receptive over the phone. I asked each one to have at least 10 properties that meet my criteria, and to have about 8 comps for each property.

I was also calling around all day to try and find some investors and buyers, and that seems like it will be a difficult task.

Well, sorry this took so long!





Impressive, Travis! You started right out not taking any guff. That's the way to do it! It's taken me almost 4 months to get to that point.

Thank you for starting your journal. I'm certain that we'll be hearing great things from you. And SOON, too!

God bless,


P.S. Fill us in on the other 2 realtors.


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Thanks Rina,

It's only because I have been reading all the helpful posts here on the forums, and you all have given me the mindset that if the Realtor isn't going to be productive to work with, or help me out, then I am wasting my time.

You and everyone else here post great things. =)

I will let ya know how the other Realtors do!




Im overwhelmed

Man, I'm overwhelmed. I have a good RE Agent who is working with me and great at pulling up comps, and he's putting a lot of effort forth.

I'm just so overwhelmed with being so broke and not having as many options as I like.

Just wanted to vent.



Hey Travis!

I know how you feel, it does get overwhelming. But all it takes is finding ONE motivated seller and you can get that deal. Keep telling yourself "I attract leads everyday" and before you know it you WILL have a great lead that turns into a deal. I found my last assignment by driving around my neighborhood and found an abandoned house. I contacted the owner directly (after finding him on the tax records) and I spoke to him directly (no realtor). His price was too high, but a month later he called ME and said he'd come down. We negotiatied a fair price, I used a one-page contract I had from one of my rei training camps and I locked it up. Then when I couldn't get financed at a low rate, I assigned it and made $25,000! This wasn't my original plan, but because of quick thinking and signing and/or assigns on my contract I was able to make some money, sell his house and didn't have to back out of the deal. I think if sellers realize that and/or assigns works for their benefit as well, they might not be so quick to reject it. This prevents them from having to go through the process all over again with a new buyer. Well, I didn't mean to ramble... I hope it helps you to stay positive, because if I can do it ANYONE can!
God bless you,


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