Authorization to Release

Authorization to Release

Before you can speak to a bank about a certain property you will need an Authorization to Release before the bank can talk to you. I have included an Authorization for convienience.


Lender Fax # ________________________________
Lender Address______________________________
Account or Loan # ___________________________
Lender Telephone # __________________________
Borrower(s) ________________________________
Property Address: ___________________________

I hereby authorize you to release any and all information regarding my loan, including loan status, interest rate, payoff amount, amount of monthly payment, late charges, penalties, and fees (if applicable) to:

It is requested that this information be faxed to:

Borrower Name: _____________________________
Borrower SSN: ______________________________

Borrower Signature: __________________________
Spouse Name: ________________________________
Spouse SSN: _________________________________

Spouse Signature: _____________________________

Date Signed: _________________________________


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