Work the Dealers of Mobiles Homes

Work the Dealers of Mobiles Homes

Just as cars have mobile homes have dealers. Dealers can be found by looking on the internet, in the phone books or asking around.

Once you know who the dealers are you will want to build a relationship with them. Get to know them, their dealings and how they work. You may even consider taking the dealers out to lunch.

Your purpose after building a relationship with them is to find about homes that they take as trade ins, what they do when a mobile home buyer does not pay and what do they do with the notes?

The dealers can also give you leads to seller and buyers. Sometimes buyers will come to them that do not qualify under the conventional means. These people are great to do seller financing with. You may also get leads on great parks and financing options.

The dealer can create and help build a very successful mobile home investment business.


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