Don't Let Them Hold You Down

Don't Let Them Hold You Down

When starting in real estate you may think that you need a Realtor to get started. You may not need a Realtor but they are a good idea to have. They can help you find properties you could not have found. You can get comparables from them as well. However, do not think that every Realtor will be good for your business.

When I was 18 I purchased a program off the TV similar to Deans. I was so excited. One of the first things that I was taught was to find a Realtor.

I started calling Realtor all over the place. Soon I found one that would be able to drive me to properties because I did not have a car.

The Realtor emailed me some properties that we were to look at then set up an appointment to arrange a pick up. When the Realtor came to the house and knocked I answered the door with a fling of excitement - I would bet the door almost came off the hinges. The Realtor looked at me...paused...then said "Are your parents homes?" I told him they were. Without hesitation he entered my house, went to the front room and sat down. He had me get my parents then after I retrieved them he proceeded to take the next 15 minutes telling them and me how I would not be able to invest into real estate. I was devastated.

One week after this meeting I was determined not to be held down. I started calling Realtors again. The very first Realtor with, I'll never forget this name, Quackenbush Realty talked to me. He talked to me about how what I was looking to do was not possible in the area. He had been working in real estate for 25 years and what I wanted to do could not be done. Ouch.

I stopped real estate for a short while then joined a partnership and enjoy investing. The funny thing is the area that I invest primarily in is the area that Quackenbush told me I could not invest in. And the first realtor is wrong I can invest.

Take it from me you can invest. There are ways to invest. Those that do not understand what to do, who have never done this before, or feel that blowing out others candles help them burn brighter will tell you that this cannot be done. It actually can.


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