What a real estate investor does throughout year to be successful.

What a real estate investor does throughout year to be successful.

What an investor needs to do to make each part of the year more productive.

1. August –October work with College campus newspapers and realtors to find out of state property owner needing to sell. Suzie went to school now graduated they have a property they need to sell. They will likely carry financing since they have been used to having monthly income from the property. Check for properties around colleges and universities. Also, watch for single family homes professors might want to purchase or lease option.

2. October to December 31 work with financial planners, cpas, and investment counselors. People needing to sell property to meet tax needs or to purchase property have a write off would be found through these people.

3. January –March 1 is a good time to contact appraisers, realtors, and mortgage lenders. This time of year is normally slow for them and is a great time to give them training or to provide training to their realtor associates. Plan to have 2 or 3 20 minute sessions with some follow up hand outs that will repeat the information. Realtor board offices have training you may be able to participate in or have a table of information available after training.

4. March 1-15 is when the realtor agents are coming out of hibernation and getting ready to start their year work. These would be college students and professors that moonlight until summer time as real estate agents. Winter months of buy, fix and now sell on our part needs to happen.

5. March 15-July 30 is the period of the year that most property sells in the USA. Working with any and all agents, investors, insurance people etc during this period. Now is the time to have property fixed and back out on the market.

6. July 30-Sept 30 is important to find property to fix, sell to out of state parents having students going to college and rent rooms to help pay for college.

Further pursuit of hot times in your area can be found by talking to other real estate professionals. Then mark the times and events above on a calendar and do it.

Hope this helps in your business efforts. Marvin Hogge 888-251-1116 Ext 6746


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Coach Hogge,

Thank you, thank you for this list and a reminder that there are "seasons" to real estate activity. I had just been coming to some of the same conclusions for our area based on what I have observed over this past year. I'm looking forward to catching some good deals at the coldest part of the winter again, when there are few buyers willing to brave the cold, and mostly motivated sellers with properties still on the market, evident in their willingness to move during the cold months, or REO banks not wanting to deal with higher monthly expenses if they are heating them (also those places that do NOT leave the heat on are scary to buyers).

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Wow Coach!

This is awesome information, I never would have even considered this. Where do you learn this stuff? Thank you for sharing this with us. This sure is an eye opener and a jaw dropper.... LOL! I'm copying this into my little folder. Eye-wink
God bless you,


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