8 Steps To Build Your "Investor" List

8 Steps To Build Your "Investor" List

1) HAVE AN IDENTITY: batman has an identity, neo has an identity(from the matrix), do you have an identity? When you go to meetings like your local REI club meetings, people need to remember you.

2) TITLE RECORDS: Savvy investors who buy and sell a LOT of houses will show up over and over agian on the title records. You can gain access through your local title company, make a note of the names that come up over and over again, put these people on your list.

3) STREET SIGNS: You see them everywhere: "we buy houses" signs that are stapled to the telephone poles or stuck in the ground, call them. If they are for REAL, and can actually CLOSE, put them on your list.

4) MARKETING: You can start with some business cards and a brochure to pass out to everyone you know, also leave business cards @ your local title companys office(thats a big one), pizza shops, grochery stores, etc. Try to pass out 500 a month.

5) AUCTIONS: Auctions attract a LOT of investors, pass out your cards and collect them from other investors as well.

6) GROUPS: Join as many business groups that have luncheons or meetings that you can. People who aren't investors will be calling you up when they come across a house in foreclosure or a couple who just filed for divorce, everyone should know what kind of business your in.

7) INTERNET: The internet is loaded with real estate message boards and discussion forums where investors congregate(like deans).

Cool REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CLUBS: These are your BEST source for building an investor list. Frequent meetings often, pass out your business cards, and FLAUNT YOUR IDENTITY. YOUR HERO SULLY.