Does anyone knows how to get a downpayment assitance for Bad credit?


no I dont but....

sometimes we must create our own dp assistance. Try asking family and friends to partner with you or loan you the money. Also find a property, lock it up and create a marketing plan for the property then use the marketing plan to get individual investors. Once they see you have a sound strategy for the property it my peek their interest and promt then to take a chance on you.

Good luck.

Also read the forums and search for MARKETING PLANS - it will give you a lot of good ideas on how to prepare one.


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here is my situation

I found a property for 240,000, the seller (owner) is willing to finance to get it out of foreclosure. i don't have the downpayment, how can I deal with this situation? the house needs a little work but is worth it. My friends and family are not an option, I need to find the source fast.

Thank you!

are you talking about....

"CURING THE DEFAULT" on the past due loan? you say the property is in foreclosure, are you trying to buy this property "SUBJECT TO?" could you be a little more specific?



Sully's right.

If the owner is behind in their OWN payments on their OWN mortgage, how can they be in a position to owner-FINANCE the house? Some more details would be helpful. (sorry to sound skeptical, but you must be cautious. Make sure you do your homework.)

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Are you suggesting....

....that this owner in foreclosure will give you the deed and walk away from his property if you can come up with x amount of money? If so, find a private lender in order to make it happen (have him sign a non-disclosure agreement first, before giving him any exact details like address).

Also, how do you know the property is really worth 240K? Did you crunch the numbers? As you know in order to make it a good deal it usually should not cost more than 70% (at the most).... especially since house prices in most places are bound to decrease further over the course of the next 12 months or so.

If the owner puts a lot of pressure (timewise) on you, chances are that he is about to loose his home soon, or maybe there are liens on the property (did you check that out already) or he tries to get the DP because he needs to move out fast, leaving you with a potential problem property on your hands.

Don't get too emotional over any given property.... it unfortunately interferes with your ability to make strictly business decision.

Just a thought....
Good luck!



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