Does anyone have the email that was sent out after the Nov. 2007

Does anyone have the email that was sent out after the Nov. 2007 call. I sent an email to the one that they mentioned but I'm not getting anything back and I'd really like that information.




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I like your login name... What email are you refering to? What information are you looking for? Maybe I can help you find it. I'm sure it's here somewhere... LOL!

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I think she's talking about the instant equity exchange invoice. I know because i've been on this site trying to get the invoice without any luck.

If anyone has it, please let us know. We are all new to the DG family.

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I do want the info about the IEE and anything else that was suppose to be in that email. The email they said to send to was "deangrealestate@****" Maybe it's been too long by now. Anyways, thought just came to me, and if anyone else out there wants this info then try this with me, I'm going to email them at the bottom of the page that's on the live calls website where it says you can ask a question about whatever in the call.

Also, I just bought the AFF, but feel like it's not going to work unless I can use the IEE technique, in which case I obviously need to know how to do it. Some of you who do IEE you go over every single word that's on a contract and all paperwork involved with a real estate agent or do you trust them to know how to do everything correctly?

And another thing, (I know this is getting long, sorry but I must ask), what really is interesting to me is that you can use the IEE technique with a twist and actually have a buyer use a portion of the equity you just got in a property for their down payment.....has anyone done this? I would really like to do this. Probably b/c I know I would have loved to have someone be able to do for me when I bought.

One more question. Does anyone have any great ads they've used for attracting motivated BUYERS? I only know of a few.
Thanks for reading, please let me know if you know anything. God bless.


BTW I've learned so much from all of you high frequency posters on here. This place is great. Dean Graziosi is great for helping us!

what kind of buyers.....

are you looking for? Are you looking for "END BUYERS"(other investors) or just plain old motivated sellers? Obviously i have AD's for both, let me know




actually. I know a few investors but would like to have more. Finding sellers won't be hard for me. And I don't think finding buyers will be too hard either now. I'm focusing on putting together the people I need to make the deals happen though. Of course I can connect the sellers who need to get their house out from under them to the motivated buyers, but need someone who isn't afraid of closing the deal. I found a great broker today, finally. And now I need a great RE agent. Everyone in my area is too afraid to do anything that's where I'm at in all this now...
No one here wants to work with assignment of contract, or IEE or anything that I'm interested in. The broker I found said he's worked with alot of those kinds of deals but not he doesn't know an agent to refer me to. I'm going to keep looking.



There are previous posts with great ads we've used for buyers and sellers. Look through them or even try to search for them and see if you can find them. I know thee was one posted just recently too. Eye-wink
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Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

IEE Invoice


Did you have any luck in coming up with a copy of the IEE invoice? I've been trying to locate one as well.


Not sure but...

...can't we just print one out. There are very generic ones online that you can't buy for like $9.99 and fill out all the info on for what it's for and everything you'd need to have on it...could this work?


I mean that you CAN buy online for $9.99

IEE Invoice

I didn't know if there was specific language that needed to be included on the invoice in order to ensure that it get paid at closing. Maybe I was looking for the wording about what to place on the invoice; do have happen to have or know what this would be?

RE: Not sure but


It's good to find out there are some we can find online for a fee. If we can't get it here, i guess we can try the ones you've located online. What are they called on the sites you found them. I know they might have different names. I know a couple of sites we can find free legal documents.

Knowing the different names will be very helpful.

me too

I also tried to contact deangrealestate@**** but as u know it says the spelling is wrong.



just do a search

I typed in custom invoices to google.

Custom invoices

Hey, i tried to type in custom invoices and came up with a lot of information but nothing specific to instant equity exchange. Can you be more elaborate.

Thank you.

I have the answer..

I felt silly when I realized, b/c I think I already knew this before...the "iron-clad invoice" is just the actual contract that you and the seller sign, then of course after the seller and the buyer have a contract together you back out as disclosed and turn in the actual contract you & seller signed to the title company and when the deal closes you get sent a check for the amoiunt you agreed on.


....I have to tell you that you are mistaken, Deirdre.

The actual contract you (as the buyer) and the seller sign is a "normal" Purchase & Sales Agreement (see left hand under Student Resources, Forms and Docs).

The so-called 'Iron-Clad Invoice' is a separate document (one page) which is also different from all generic invoices you can find online or buy at Staples, Office Depot etc.

I will have an actual print-out of this Iron-Clad Invoice in my hands w/in the next few days.... thanks to exchanging info with another DG member.


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"POOR people own big TVs. RICH people own big libraries."


For the great information guys. I always appreciate you sharing with us. Hope all is going well for you Conny, we haven't talked in a while. Eye-wink

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Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Iron Clad Contract

Connie- I am also interested in this contract! Thanks!



Yes, you are correct.

I have to say I'm surprised that no one on this site has actually ever done an I E E. I could be wrong. But I wonder why no one has bothered to clue us in on how things were done earlier in this thread.


here it is

I got the invoice about a year ago if anyone needs it from James Mayberry from dean enterprises llc . here is his email address sorry guys i dont know how to attach the invoice to this email so you can get it from him i guess just saying cause that is what i did or i could email it to whoever wants it my email is bexsentico@**** hope this helps