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I gotta tell you guys something... Lately I've been checking out other forums and I must say Dean's is by far the best!! Now, I'm not saying this because I'm an "IC Superstar" whatever that is. LOL! I'm saying this because it's just the God's honest truth! Some of the members of these other forums are down right rude with their answers to questions from newbies. They're not moderated at all, unless it's advertising a service or business, other than that it's Thunderdome! I'm totally serious here! I couldn't believe some of the replies I read, my mouth dropped in shock that they were so mean and even cruel! It just made me realize how blessed we are to be a part of the DG family. Everyone here is so respectful of each other and just so willing to help that it makes me feel like I was truly guided here by God. We really are a unique forum and I'm SO proud to be a part of it. Laughing out loud
God bless my DG family!!!

We ARE blessed!

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I too feel like this "family" is a great blessing from the Lord. For both the knowldege so FREELY shared, and the sincere support offered by each person here. I know it's an integral part of MY life: both REI and personal.


P.S. (Thanks, Lena, for all you do for everyone. Smiling )


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I gotta tell you, one of the biggest contributors here is YOU sister! You've inspired and uplifted so many people that it amazes me that you still have time for your own family... LOL! I appreciate you and your friendship so much, I know that alone is reason enough to have joined this forum, and that is something I will always be grateful for. I know I have a friend forever!
My thanks to you for everything you've done and given to me friend. Eye-wink
God bless you dear,


Friends forever!

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Smiling (We get so mushy, don't we. lol)
YOU are a blessing!

Me, Ri

Yeah, I know...

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I don't mean to be, it just comes out that way. LOL! I mean it though, YOU are the best! I'm so glad that we met. Eye-wink

Love you sister,


How to start in REI

Hello everyone, I recently purchased Dean's book and have a lot of questions but it seems that I am unable to get in touch with any couch through the 800#. So I have read many of the questions and coments here at this forum and I identify to them one questions still remains if according to the book you can start in REI without money and now I read that you can not receive a finders fee which that was the route I thought of taking how am I supose to start now without money? Any one who can answer please, I'll appreciate it.


Hi Rochezt1

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Welcome to the DG family/forum as I like to call it, glad to have you here. I understand you're new to this and all, but this isn't related to the topic of this post, please read the rules of the forum before you post a comment, responding to a post with an unrelated comment is considered 'hijacking.'
Your question is addressed many times, so if you'll just read other related posts you will find the answer. Hope this helps... Good luck and God bless!

Elena Laughing out loud

Thank you very much Elena

Thank you very much Elena for your feedback I greatly appreciate it.

You're welcome!

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Always glad to help out. Eye-wink

God bless you,

Elena Laughing out loud

Empty Properties

Does anyone know of a strategy where you can acquire empty properties with no money out of pocket and receive money at closing? What to put in a letter to get them to contact you then to "so called" close the deal.

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