Foreclosures Finally On Rise In Alabama

For those interested in the southern states, I was just informed that the month of August had more foreclosures than the entire last year in Mobile, AL.

Te taxes there are really low and your can purchase property there for taxes year round. So ergo, if the property is in foreclosure I am sure the taxes are more than likely DUE. And we all know tax liens take precedent over the mortgage lien. So consider stepping in there and buying up some tax liens on these properties. Great investments, great properties (especially the beach fronts) and great time to do it.

Birmingham Area

I am just getting my real estate investing career going. I have been doing alot of research and have many contacts such as Real estate agents, Mortgage brokers ect. There are so many forclosures in the birmingham Alabama area and alot of them are really good deals. There are alot of builders out of buisness and theres even new homes foreclosed on. If anyone is interested on some information of some properties out here let me know or if anyone finds a great deal in the birmingham, Alabama area let me know. Thanks,


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