New to the Team

New to the Team

Hello Everyone, I am new to the team. I am excited to see some results but of course like Dean said in his video click I woke up the next day thinking "is this a scam" and/or " did I just do the right thing" Well like he also said if you don't step out of your box then you will never know what else is out there so we will see. From what I have saw so far it looks like a great program, well put together so I am more comfortable now. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of the team and look forward to chatting with some of you soon.




We are glad to have you.


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Welcome Jessica!

From one "newbie" to another, you will finds loads of great information and support here. The DG family is great and extremely supportive, no question is a dumb question. I have learned a great deal from reading the forums and you will too! Have fun learning Jessica!!



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Welcome Jessica

I my self am new and still reading the book which I find 2b very informational not only for REI but in your daily life as well. I as well have many questions to ask and hope to get the answer here with the help of every one who have the experience to walk us through our first deal and welcome any feedback. Once again welcome to the DG family and best of luck.



I too am new to the forums and hope that your experience be just as informative and rewarding for you as it has for me.

God Bless


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new to the team!!!

HEY GUYS!!!!!Im soo excited i dont know what to do with myself! I got Dean Graziosi, Be a real estate millionaire book! i didnt open it yet! i jus want to tell you guys that im glad that im getting out of this SCAM called a J.O.B. soon

I know a job is the biggest scam in the world because i spent close to 800k to go to school to spend my life at a place where they give you 20k (dont forget that 30% taxes taking out of your check!) where you spend your good 20 years of your life telling people that you have to go to the bathroom. While your boss is in Hawaii drinking coconut juice getting all the credit...shall i go on???? thats the scam. im glad i have a way out!!!!!!!!! yyyeeeeeyyyyy.

you guys will be hearing from me soon. pray for me!!! lol

Hi Miss Harris!

Welcome to the DG family, glad you decided to get out of the rat race. I will keep you in my prayers! I know you made the right decision. You were right about the j.o.b. and how we're just slaves to that paycheck. I look forward to sharing your rei jouney with you. Eye-wink

God bless you,


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