My first deal almost done

I am so excited. I am about to purchase a 3bed 1/1 bath house with 1600sq ft for $34,000. It is a HUD house and it is a forclosure. This house sold for $102000 in 2006 here in alabama. The market out here is doing pretty good. I used the stradegies in dean's books. I've been reading them over and over. I had to do a home equity loan. I went to three banks before anyone would look at me for a loan because my highest credit score was 598 which I am fixing right now.

100% Real Estate Financing

I found this article on 100% financing that i thought was interesting. However, this financing is for owner-occupants, so this can help you sell your properties as long as the buyers have good credit. Charlie

100% real estate financing

Real Estate Investor’s 12 Days of Christmas!

On the First Day of Christmas
My Realtor sent to me
A Probate Property with a Pear Tree!

On the Second Day of Christmas
My Realtor sent to me
2 Tax Sales...

On the Third Day of Christmas
My Realtor sent to me
3 Foreclosures...

On the Fourth Day of Christmas
My Realtor sent to me
4 Calling Contractors...

On the Fifth Day of Christmas
My Realtor sent to me
5 Golden Books!
(Think a little Different, Totally Fulfilled, Be A Real Estate Millionaire, Profit from Real Estate Right Now and Your Town Your Real Estate Profits)...

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

Banks Will Turn

We have heard that the current market will turn. There are situations in our world that will create bumps in the road such as Dubai. The market will turn, however. When it does you will need to be prepared for what will occur.

Sometime soon we will see banks accepting short sales quicker as well as REO's. Many have seen that the market for buying bank properties has slowed if not even come to a halt.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #53 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Next week's blog has come early so Dean can wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and give you some updates to take into the holiday weekend!

PS: When Dean and I were watching the blog after it was done he realized he said "Shortstop" instead of "Third Basemen" - but decided I could just post this correction instead of redoing it so he didn't get any flack from our die-hard Yankees fans. Smiling

Yep... Our Success Academy is REALLY Just That Good!

Hey everyone. It's Tony, I'm going to reveal the name of some pretty happy people in a minute, the SPIFF scholarship recipients.

Why me and NOT Dean?

Well, I've sort of hijacked today.

You see, Deano has locked himself away to work on his new book, after spending so much time eating delicious birthday cake last week, and since he isn't around, I get to tell you some stuff without asking his permission.

Starting with Friday.

After seeing the video surprise, Deano was walking around the office looking pretty darn emotional.

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