Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #53 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Next week's blog has come early so Dean can wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and give you some updates to take into the holiday weekend!

PS: When Dean and I were watching the blog after it was done he realized he said "Shortstop" instead of "Third Basemen" - but decided I could just post this correction instead of redoing it so he didn't get any flack from our die-hard Yankees fans. Smiling

Yep... Our Success Academy is REALLY Just That Good!

Hey everyone. It's Tony, I'm going to reveal the name of some pretty happy people in a minute, the SPIFF scholarship recipients.

Why me and NOT Dean?

Well, I've sort of hijacked today.

You see, Deano has locked himself away to work on his new book, after spending so much time eating delicious birthday cake last week, and since he isn't around, I get to tell you some stuff without asking his permission.

Starting with Friday.

After seeing the video surprise, Deano was walking around the office looking pretty darn emotional.

Our first Deal with Deans Strategies

Our First deal with Deans Stategies;
In August we started making multiple offers after finally finding a Realtor that is like minded. We decided to start with 5 offers a week. On this property we made multiple offers. It was an REO. The bank kept countering with us. I think we countered back and forth 4 times we started at 117k and they accepted our offer of 85k. I like it!!

First Deal Done..

Finally! I became a DG studen at the end of July...I have searched for the great deal, created a blog, website, created an LLC and have tried to get my power team together. Through this process I have ended up with 3 realtors. I put offers out with two of them (about 20 offers, contingent upon inspection and my attorney's approval) I am still waiting on the bank for an offer I put in for less than half of what the property was listed for.

Deal #1 Completed...Finally!!

Today was the big day that I did my first assignment. I had a seller contact me about selling her property, I went and looked at it, locked the property up for 5K. I marketed the house, found a buyer that wanted it, assigned it to him for 6K. Sounds simple right??


After a few bumps in the road and this question and that form later, we got the call yesterday to close our last deal and that date is November 23rd at 11:30am.I have to admit, it was getting a little crazy, but hey, this is the game we have chosen to play. Anyway, we will walk away from closing with $1408.00 in our pockets.
THIS IS TRULY A NO MONEY DOWN DEAL WITH USDA. All of our up front money will come back to us. The only money we spent was a $300.00 house inspection fee which came thru with flying colors. That was an option, not required.

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