Marketing Handbook Chapter 3 Released!

SuccessFest is further ramping us, and for this installment Dean has released chapter 3 of the minibook. In this chapter you will find a compilation of tips and tricks for marketing, both online and offline.

Use the link below to grab it, then come back here and let us know what you think!

Get Chapter 3 Right Now!

DEAL # 4 jbtoggs

deal # is in the works.the contract is being drawn up by attorney as we speak !! the deal is a 2006 astro 3bdrm 2 bth manufactured home that i recieved as a down payment on the house i sold a couple mnths ago as deal # 3. i have been actively advertising,marketing to sell this for a couple mnths.

Weekly Video Blog #47 - Important Update On SuccessFest!


In this week’s Blog Dean delivers a CRUCIAL MESSAGE and as only he can do, he tells you that if you have NOT yet jumped in and gotten involved in this month’s DG "Success Fest 2009" why you better do it now... right now today before it’s too late.

Watch and listen to find out why right now.

I just bought 14 years of my pension plan.

I know the Title sounds a bit odd, but I have a story to back it up! A few weeks I posted "Going to Closing" and since then I have closed on my first buy and hold deal. I have benefited in so many ways from that deal. I wanted to talk about an idea or a revelation that popped into my head while working a 12 hour long night shift. Here is the story.

SuccessFest Brings Chapter 2 - "Finding Sellers"

SuccessFest is in full swing, and today bring a new gift for you - Chapter 2 of the "minibook" on finding sellers to lockup deals with.

The link is at the end of this post. Once you take a moment to absorb the information please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Deal in so cal (with none of my money)

I did this deal about a two weeks ago. I found a distress triplex in my neighborhood. The triplex was vacant for the last 3years. I found the owners info and contacted them. I could tell they were eager to sell by the way they were answering my questions. Once they let me in the property each unit needed 10k in repairs the comps were at 350k - 365k.

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