Flipped My Flip!

Just signed contract today on my flip house here in Jersey! Bought it at the end of May, will close beginning of November. Details on the whole deal are in my journal, but heres the final numbers:

Sales Price - 238,000.00
Less Commission - 10,115.00
Less Purchase Price - 130,000.00
Less Rehab - 61,187.41
Less Holding Costs - 8707.98
Less Atty & Realty Transfer at Closing-2300.00
My Profit for 6 months - 25,689.61!

Sweeeeeeeeeeet Smiling

Finally! I closed on my first property!!

I just closed my first property (REO)!

Whoo hoo. Just got #4 this morning :)

Hey Guys,

Super exciting morning today. After an awesome night at a Metallica concert I woke up to a call from my agent. My offer was accepted. The cool part about this deal is that it went on the market last month. I wrote an offer the first day and it was rejected the same day by the bank. Decided to re-write it the next day and got another rejection.

Fast forward 30 days later. Their was a price reduction. I decided to resubmit for the same amount as my last offer. This time they countered. We played the back and fourth game and today it is mine for 55K!

Deal # 9 and Deal # 10 - Bank Provides 100% Financing on 2 REOs!....Dean Graziosi’s books continue to help us get great deals!

Hello DG Members,

I really enjoy posting in the "my deals" section because it is a chance to help other DG Members learn how we were able to find a real estate deal. The last few months have been nothing short of tremendous with real estate investing for us. We are having so much fun and enjoying doing real estate together. I see the glimmer of sunlight in the distance that is my journey’s destination to be able to leave my job and become a real estate investor 100% of my time.

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Picked up 5K today on a wholesale DEAL

I received a lead from my property manager three weeks ago on a home that was in foreclosure and has a section 8 tenant in place that has been in the home for over 20 years. I locked up the contract and assigned it to my end buyer and picked up a $5,000 check today at closing. It does feel great. This business is about building relationships and meeting people. It gets easier and easier.

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