Use the HUD Website for Locating Investors for Your Buyer's List

Here is how to build a list of buyers ultra fast and systemetize a growing list of buyers.

Okay, go to the HUD website for your state. The HUD's website link:

1. Now find the Bid Statistics section hyperlink and select your city. Hit the search button.

2. Now you are looking at the HUD homes autioned off or still available. You want to find homes that have had offers accepted. Take down or copy and paste the address and date into your tentative buyer's list.

Courthouse Research yeilds Private Investors

How many of you are struggling to find private investors? Why struggle any longer, your courthouse has a huge database of people with money who are currently investing in real estate!!!

If you do courthouse research you will need to go to the land records department, which is commonly known as Recorder, Register of Deeds, or County Clerk. In this office, you can search for the security instrument which is what secures a loan to a property. Security instruments can be called Mortgage, Deed of Trust or Trust Deed.

2010 Housing Financial Predictions

I just read this article and thought it would be of benefit to others, so here it is...

Getting a Mortgage in 2010: 10 Things to Know

Use an Escrow Account to Collect Rent to Own or Seller Financing Payments

Are you having problems receiving checks in the mail from the buyers you did seller financing or a lease option with? Are you worried about taxes and insurance being paid on time or knowing that they have been paid?

I recommend using an escrow account or a loan servicing center to collect and handle these concerns for you. I have seen an average fee of around $12-$20 a month for the general service. I make the borrower pay it each month.

My first deal almost done

I am so excited. I am about to purchase a 3bed 1/1 bath house with 1600sq ft for $34,000. It is a HUD house and it is a forclosure. This house sold for $102000 in 2006 here in alabama. The market out here is doing pretty good. I used the stradegies in dean's books. I've been reading them over and over. I had to do a home equity loan. I went to three banks before anyone would look at me for a loan because my highest credit score was 598 which I am fixing right now.

100% Real Estate Financing

I found this article on 100% financing that i thought was interesting. However, this financing is for owner-occupants, so this can help you sell your properties as long as the buyers have good credit. Charlie

100% real estate financing

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