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Tonight (Tuesday, December 22nd), I'm going to close out 2009 with a tele-training featuring a FULL hour of Jeff and I talking about something everyone
wants to know...

How to Build a Buyers List in Your Town

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How The Home Affordable Short Sale/DIL Program Works - New Legislation to Understand

The Obama Administration and the Treasury Department have made some recent modifications to the Home Affordable Short Sale/DIL Program that address the specific procedure used to handle short sales.

They are requiring that lenders and servicers use uniform documentation, preapproved short sale terms and accelerated turnaround times, the plan also provides financial incentives for key players:

Using Self Directed IRA groups to find Money Partners

There are a lot of social networking websites on the web these days. The best things is that they are free and anyone can join. I have found numerous different types of clubs over the last year that have tapped into pretty much any area of real estate, investing, and finance.

The one I recently stubbled upon was self directed IRA groups. I have joined a few and I have found that they are a great place to network and find money partners. Why? They have cash sitting in their IRA's that they are looking to invest and make a great return.

First deal! (bird dogging)

What an absolute THRILL to have wrote those two words! FIRST DEAL! LOL!! I feel all tingly! LOL!

Ok here is the deal. We have a couple of friends who are looking to buy their first home. They are both extremely busy with work, school, family, friends etc... The little bit of house shopping they have done already has them groaning and wondering how in the world are they to do this while juggling everything else on their plates.

Use the HUD Website for Locating Investors for Your Buyer's List

Here is how to build a list of buyers ultra fast and systemetize a growing list of buyers.

Okay, go to the HUD website for your state. The HUD's website link:

1. Now find the Bid Statistics section hyperlink and select your city. Hit the search button.

2. Now you are looking at the HUD homes autioned off or still available. You want to find homes that have had offers accepted. Take down or copy and paste the address and date into your tentative buyer's list.

Courthouse Research yeilds Private Investors

How many of you are struggling to find private investors? Why struggle any longer, your courthouse has a huge database of people with money who are currently investing in real estate!!!

If you do courthouse research you will need to go to the land records department, which is commonly known as Recorder, Register of Deeds, or County Clerk. In this office, you can search for the security instrument which is what secures a loan to a property. Security instruments can be called Mortgage, Deed of Trust or Trust Deed.

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