Deal #1 Completed...Finally!!

Today was the big day that I did my first assignment. I had a seller contact me about selling her property, I went and looked at it, locked the property up for 5K. I marketed the house, found a buyer that wanted it, assigned it to him for 6K. Sounds simple right??


After a few bumps in the road and this question and that form later, we got the call yesterday to close our last deal and that date is November 23rd at 11:30am.I have to admit, it was getting a little crazy, but hey, this is the game we have chosen to play. Anyway, we will walk away from closing with $1408.00 in our pockets.
THIS IS TRULY A NO MONEY DOWN DEAL WITH USDA. All of our up front money will come back to us. The only money we spent was a $300.00 house inspection fee which came thru with flying colors. That was an option, not required.

FOMAC pre-approved today

Hey everyone,

Just to let all you out there with goals and desires know, it IS possible to do this REI stuff!

FOMAC receives HML pre-approval today for the up coming auction!

Still waiting to hear back on the owner carry property, but very excited about everything at this point! I litteraly can not move fast enough to soak up every opportunity that is being presented to me.

Everybody needs a piece of this pie - now go get em boys!


Failure to plan is planning to fail.......

FOMAC signs first offer today........

Hi everyone, Dean,

Today was a very encouraging day! I signed the offer I made on a single family, owner carry property. That was about 3:00 pm this afternoon.

But WAIT..... Tonight about 6:00 pm I got a call from a friend of mine who I told to pass along any potential renters, and she was asked by someone she knows today if there was a place for rent in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The offer has not been accepted yet, should hear back in the next 24 to 48 hours. But in any case I have not just this tenant as an option but others as well!!!

Gearing up!

Well I am getting closer to my first real deal. I have been a fan of REI for years and never had all the puzzle pieces to make sense of everything. I for some reason really started looking at REI in January of this year. In July I saw Dean on TV. He is the most genuine guy I have seen promoting any information or product. Through all my action I actually became a property manager for a couple who moved out of state and have a huge list of potential renters looking for housing in my area, awesome!

One of my offers was accepted !!

Last week one of my offers was accepted !! I am so happy ! I want to thank Dean and his team , as well as everyone on this site .. This stuff DOES WORK !! You just have to be persistent and flexible ..

The home I will be buying is a short sale -- 3beds, 2 bath with a half acre lot .. The property needs basically 6k to 8k worth of rehab and then I can resell it making around 25k profit .. Not bad for a beginner ..

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