The Biggest Obstacle to Changing Your Life is...

Afraid to Fail
38% (60 votes)
Negative People Around You
30% (48 votes)
Not Enough Good Information
12% (19 votes)
Hard to Make Changes
20% (32 votes)
Total votes: 159

They Try to Get In Your Way!

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This is a subject that has been the biggest obstacle in my life! Negative people around me. It can sometimes get you to a point to it destroys your desire to succeed in anything. You give up hope. Dream killer's. They sometimes don't even know they are being negative. Norman Vincent Peale! He was the motivational influence in my life. I was 17 years old at the time and I have never foregot his book. "The Power Of Positive Thinking". It's amazing how now 32 years later. His words of inspiration still lives within me. Your subconcious mind is a powerful thing! So you ask how do you get to the point of having fear and self doubt again after all you know. It's just because we have place ourselves into a comfort zone. A negative enviroment. It's easy to get on board with majority. It's hard to break a habit. But it can be done. I can't blame anyone else for their opinion of things. I can only be responsible for my action's. Where the challenge lies is learning again to act on faith. Which is done by educating yourself in what it is you wish to achieve. Go forth with conviction. Placing ourselves in positive talk and taking ownership. Fear is only the absence of knowledge. We have all the tools here on this site and books. We have been empowered! I know the way back and I'm going. Continued success to all........Lubertha



Afraid to Fail Again

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I hear to not try is to fail, but I must not know it b/c here I sit trying to figure out how to save my house, get out of debt, and get some where close to a better I sit here trying to figure this out I have the answear right here, so what stops me, what stops me from taking the step in the right and best direction that I have ever had before me. I know this step will change my life forever I just can't move.

God help me get the courage, to change the life of my family forever.


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Just wanted to say that your moving! Your moving in the right direction! Sometimes it may seem we are not going as fast as we should. So we become discouraged easy. And then you freeze with fear. Fear is only the absence of knowledge. We are life skilled enough to be able to recognize that this is a once in our life time opportunity. But sometimes when youv'e been out there and experience so much, it just takes a little more push to get started. Fear comes in a natural state also. Its there to protect us. So having some fear is natural. The best way to get rid of fear is to develop trust in your ability. That you can handle whatever happens. Re-assuring yourself with the info from the book and site. And writing down goals and acting on them. Even if it is a small goal. This is what I'm doing to develop trust in myself. I've learn that I / we have to be good to ourselves for the small steps that are taken. I have learned that I am my own worst enemy. Take responsibility for what has happen and continue to move foward. From the heart, Continued success to you always........Lubertha


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Norman Vincent Peale, is a dreamer. He has done so much in my life.


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"The Power of Positive Thinking". It was in the 80's for me when I first read his books. The greatest man than ever lived! Continued success to you.....Lubertha

Dean's books with empower you!

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No matter what is the biggest obstacle in changing your life, Dean;s books will empower you with the knowledge to move forward with real estate and be a success. Just be sure to digest and apply the knowledge from Dean's books. Good luck overcoming your obstacles. Belieev and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Negative People

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Sometimes even your closest family members can hold you back, you just need to push ahead and prove them wrong...


Sometimes you have to stay away from them

Sometimes you have to stay away or spend less time with them if you can't avoid them since they're family at least before you can make some progress to prove yourself or the new path, protect your new ideas just as you do to tender fragile young plants before they grow bigger and stronger.
I have exact that going on in my family. We have to be careful and cautious about what we feed into our mind.


well I think of it this way.
who do I want to learn from?
a realestate agent with a 9-5 job.
or some one thats where I want to be.
the people with nagitive comments, I just view where the comments are comming from. There happy working for a paycheck and job security, who wouldn't be.
For me I want more than that.
So here's a pretty picture I paint for myself.
I am a landlord collecting rents. I dont have to work trading my valuable time for money. I am free to do what ever i want.
If that was only true, So how do I get there?
first I need to acquire knowledge and it doesn't stop there. only applied knowledge will help me. friends think there helping with negative comments, but thats why there our friends. we look out for each outher.
In history when I research all the wealthy people, they were thought of as nuts too. just look at Eddison, how many different filliments did he go through for a light bulb. Could you imagine what his neighbors thought. the wright brothers, wow there's a crazy family lol. the list goes on and on. I just think about some of them and the negitivity gets nutralized. I'm big on nothing ventured nothing gained.
the question I have is; do I want to keep doing 60mph down the highway of life with every one else or take the off ramp and see the mouintain,trees,lakes and everything else out there that life has to offer at a slower pace.
Here I am with the thought" what am I going to do about it"


Hello everybody,
The reply's i am reading are of (negative people and things)which are good ones.MyDestiny your statement was,Really good!The few words that stuck-out with me in my aspect were..."Go forth with conviction",Everyting you said was very powerful and i always watch your posts!

My answer was...

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well, actually my real answer wasn't one on the poll. I've already worked through in my life dealing with (or ignoring) the negative people. I go out and find information when I feel I don't have enough of it. And I'm not afraid to fail because you can't move forward unless you try and unless you try you don't know what steps are the best ones to success. So I chose "hard to make changes" because that came the closest to my biggest issue. I constantly fight the "I don't seem to have enough time" syndrome that many people feel. In reality I know I do have the time by breaking action into small steps. I was doing that months ago, then had to take a step back. Now I'm back and starting again. The good thing is I know my internal dialogue and will work towards rising above it to make things happen! Smiling

Negative People!

Everyone makes fun of my hopes and dreams, even family members, including my parents!

Negative people!

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Family can be the toughest group of all. Years of critism I endured from them! Because I was able to dream and dream the impossible! They couldn't understand this. People who make fun of you are only people who are afraid to trust themselves. They are afraid you'll go where their hearts desire to be. For every critism you recieve from this point on, look at it a s a confirmation to you succeeding what ever it is your mind can dream of. My mother was my biggest critic! It took years for me to understand this. I realize she came from a background they weren't able to be creative about anythting because they had to work as kids to help support the family. Their struggles were different than mines. Parents sometimes create fear in you because they look at it as protecting you from harm. What I have learned is to develop the mind set to not let anyone know what your doing. Don't give them the chance to have an opinon. All that matters is what you think you can accomplish for yourself! This is your life. And it's only a one chance deal. Their impression doesn't have to be your reality. This is an opportunity that took years to get to. We probally will never see this ground floor opportunity in this lifetime again! Keep the faith and move forth with the knowledge you have gained and will gain. Our support is here! Continued success to you always...........Lubertha

the biggest obstacle to changing my life.

the biggest obstacle to changing my life is money.i am sure most of you can relate to that.i have wanted to be a real estate investor for a number of years but did not know how to get funding to do it.i still have some reservations about it but i am determined to do it.i will make it happen soon.