Which Book Cover Do You Like The Best?

Cover 1
16% (221 votes)
Cover 2
6% (83 votes)
Cover 3
14% (193 votes)
Cover 4
18% (241 votes)
Cover 5
10% (139 votes)
Cover 6
36% (495 votes)
Total votes: 1372

Can't wait dean

lucio's picture

Your doing it again dean more tools just amazing I preciate every thing you do.The blue cover looks really nice and proffesional and calm but to the point.I know now that im adding one more book to my collection more knowledge more power.

Sounds Great!

22Young Perseverance's picture

Every book I read from you Dean has been loaded with new and exciting knowledge! keep up the great work... Looking foward to this 1


(my wish)if you will make new book for NY, will be the best thing for me~
the blue book really looks like, "YOU MEAN BUSINESS"
can't wait for your new book~

Cover 3 for me!

Getupandgo's picture

I like cover 3 because it is vibrant without being shocking and is not dull like blue or white. The information is displayed with a wise use of color so you can immediately assimilate all the information quickly.
I've learned so much from 2 of your previous books. Looking forward to this gem.
Thanks for being so enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge with all of us.

The color blue is true,hope

The color blue is true,hope you do a book for my area(Northern kentucky,Greater cincinnati ohio)This area has a gold mined waiting to be harvest,if only I had some more help or a partner.becoming rich would not be a problem. thanks brian grissom.

Book Cover


I'm sure whichever cover you use, the book will be a huge success. I voted for #4 but I really liked them all.

Looking forward to reading it, your books are very informative without being boring. Just reading them can inspire even the most sceptical among us. Hooray for you, and thanks for what I know is another great book.


Believe in God, He believes in you!

Our Book

I like 3 because green means money. The yellow title Our Town accentuates exactly the point of the book. It's about us and where we live and work.

#6 was my vote

pgwmsr's picture

number 6 just jumped out at me, blue is one of my favorite colors,

I was torn between...

Angie's picture

They all look great but I was torn between 3 & 4. In the end I had to go with 4 it just popped more...BTW great picture Dean!!! Smiling

Super Idea

Tiva the Real Estate Diva's picture

Great idea for a new book. I am quite sure we can all learn from one another so, what better way than to ask those that are in the trenches of real estate. I am sure everyone of your students have something of great importance that will help the next person, (a win win, right). I picked #3 I thought it was the most professional, remember we are still talking about a business. So, I thought #3 was professional and add brightness to the page with the progression in green so it will still attact attention.

Our Book

Pam Smith's picture

I liked number one the best. The picture is awesome. Kudos to whoever picked out that pose and style. It's a great shot that looks energetic without the "cheese factor" you see all too often. Any of the background colors are ok as long as the photo doesn't get lost in it, like some of the darker ones. I liked the blue text for the title on the yellow background even though I thought the yellow a bit bright.

Be sure to put me on the list for what looks to be a best seller right away!


Number 6

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It made your eyes stand out. LOL!


I chose number 3 because I like the green background color...it really makes the words stand out!

Cover 1

Cover number 1 just "jumped out" at me, I honeslty like them all but number 1 stands out from the rest

New Book

They all look great, but there is something about the blue #6.

I am glad you are writing a new book on real techniques.

Hope you have lots of material on small towns that seem sort of stagnate.

Paul Smiling

Cover #4

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I voted for cover #4, being that it is a book representing Dean's Students, the color scheme was bright, fun and inviting. Solid colors are good, but for this type of book it seems that there is more of a personal approach, so brighter colors are inviting.

New Book # 4

I voted for # 4; it's new and different.

New Book #1

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I liked them all, but #1 really caught my attention. I love the colors.

I voted for number #4

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Number 4 has the attractiveness of yellow bandit signs, bold black heading letters which gets it said, red lettering which is symbolic of taking action, and your name is white letters which brings the eyes back into a smooth focus. So for me, it's #4.
Thanks Dean for allowing me to share my view with you.
Dr. Steve

2 in a row

It's as if you are inside my head hearing my thoughts.

Last weeks blog re: small steps and recognizing small achievements hit the mark. I was actually studying my success academy lesson and feeling I was not moving along quick enough when the blog came in! It helped.

Now this book re: specific areas where some folks (myself included) felt "it won't work where I live". You have already demonstrated that the techniques work anywhere and this book will serve as further proof.

I choose cover #1. I am ambitious and the color scheme seems ambitious as well.

New book cover

I think cover #6 is great. The blue cover looks like a winner to me.

good luck.

teamwinner (PA)

4 or 6

scottamerica's picture

Number 4 just seemed bright and jumps out with boldness. I liked 6 alot also. Had to go with #4 though.

Can't wait to get the book no matter what the cover! Thanks again Dean.

Book Covers

I think that #5 is the best of the lot. What made me interested in this one is the fact that the sub-title stands out the most. If it is a book about what Dean learned from his students -let that stand out!! That's what makes it different from others and it is most noticeable on Book Cover #5- although I HATE THE HAND -it looks like it is someone else's hand that got caught in the picture.

Go With Cover #3

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I like cover 3. I think the green on this cover really stands out. I think the home background image would look cool on it also. I'm looking forward to reading this one!

6 of 6

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I believe cover # 6 is the winner!!! It shows power, trust, and your willingness to help others. Also very peaceful. Almost done with BARM, finished PFRN, and will get started very soon!!! Thanks Dean for helping others reach their goals and soon i will reach mine as well!

~Andrew Smetak

Book Cover

I chose cover #6 as the winner too.I felt that the yellow was grabbing too much attention and the green for me was dull.

New Book # 2

Dear Dean,

Once again thank you for your effort in trying to keep us motivated, and focused on taking action. Writing another book with your other obligations could really be a handful so, thank you very much!

I really like book cover number 2. I really think that the font used for "Your Home Town," is elegant and modern. It stands out from the rest, and the forest green is a power color! It goes great with your tone of skin and the suite your wearing. Good luck with whatever you go with. I am sure you will choose the best one.

Book Cover

I voted for #1, warm & inviting. I also feel your methods might not work in my area (Seattle,WA) the market was so hot, everything was just over priced.
Now that the cool down is happening, I need to reconsider. Thanks for listening and helping us out.
Michael Downey

Cover #4

#4 and #1 look essentially the same, with just a different color font on Your Time. Both are good.

I like the classic look of #5 as well.

Cover #1

I really liked cover # 1. It stands from the other ones. Colors are well used.

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