Potential 2nd deal

Potential 2nd deal

I just got off the phone with a person who listed his home on craigslist. They are wanting to sell there home because he got hurt and can not afford to keep making payment on the home. I asked the questions from Deans book, BARM and I beleve ther is a great oppertunity here to profit. he is currently 8 payment behind and the bank has sent him info on what he has to do in order to keep the home(pre forclosure) I think. The owner stated he looked around on the internet and thinks his home is worth $191k but say's he needs to sell fast and is asking $150k. I set a time to come and look at the house tomarrow 12/28. I know I will probably get an appraisal done(i think). Does anyone have any sugestions for me befor I go to the house, what I should look for, etc. I would love some good advice befor I go, it always helps to get advice from people who have been there done that. info on the home,
4 bed
1.5 bath
1224 sq ft
SFH, built in 1990
zillow showes the home zestimate of $191k.

thanks to anyone with advice.


Potential 2nd deal

I noticed you don't say what he owes on the property just what he says it is worth. I would ask him that if you haven't already. Then you can figure out what price you can offer in order to make it worth it for you and to help him out of his situation with a little go money to start over again. good luck!

What he owes?

I cant believe I forgot the most important info.. When we spoke
I did ask and he stated he owed $124k.

billhowardjr - 1st and 2nd deal in a week!

WOW! I am catching up with the threads here (after Christmas away) and I see that you have 2 threads going. The first is about your first deal and now this is about your potential 2nd deal! Within days - you are on a roll. Great job! Good Luck with both! Did you just get brave or are things falling into place at the same time?

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