Feeling scammed

Feeling scammed

I know of 2 properties that payments have not been paid on since june 0f 08'. I purchased Deans book and heard about all the step by step proceedures with no money down and bad credit, all that. Where are the so called step by step procedures to do something with these properties though. I dont have a clue as to what to do next.


Have you contacted the

Have you contacted the owners? Go to title company and have them do a title search.


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Are you trying to collect the rents owed to you? Get those tenants evicted..


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I know the property owners.

I know the property owners. They might be foreclosong or filling for BK. I just dont know how to help them or if I even can. That' why I purchased the book to see what the steps I need to take but its all so veague. Thanks for responding.

Chap 17 0f BARM


Re-read chapter 17 (pg 233) on short sales and pre-foreclosures. It's pretty on point with what has to be executed in these situations. You most definitely have not been scammed my friend:)

Hope this helps.



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