Will no job affect me?

Will no job affect me?

I am in college right now and I just started the one on one coaching course that Dean offers. I don't have a job so I am curious as to how this will affect me being a real estate investor. Will it hinder me from getting the money to purchase a property?


RE: Will no job affect me?

Congrats on the coaching leap of faith! Work it Hard! As far as not having a job, you actually have more working for you than most. Make the best of your adversities. You could tell people that you are a full time Real Estate Investor. Get yourself some free business cards from vista print. Back to the not having a job, you can actually do assignment of contract with no job, try looking into that and also Sistreat has written an article on Virtual Wholesaling. I would get all of the information you possibly can on wholesaling properties AKA assignment of contracts. You can also do bird dogging. Birds dogging you do not have to even write up a contract or pull money out of your pocket for an escrow deposit. You can start contacting R/E Investors and ask what type properties they look for and are they interested in finding these properties without having to do any work. Just have a simple agreement made up with you and the investor simply saying that he/she will pay you a $1,000 for each great deal that you find Him/her and include the property address on each agreement.

I hope this helps! Real Estate is like a puzzle; just keep putting the pieces together.